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Web Design - Business Coaching and a Digital Marketing Strategy

The internet is changing the fortunes of every Business Owner on Earth!

But sadly, without an effective Web Design,  Business Coaching and a well planned Digital Marketing Strategy the average Business  Owner  is losing thousands of  dollars every day because they don’t know to embrace this marketing opportunity!

Attempting to build an online presence without sound knowledge of marketing principles, web designSEO principles and understanding the psychology of an online buyer  is akin to throwing a person, who doesn’t know how to swim, into a pool and expecting them to be to become an Olympic champion, without any coaching or swimming lessons.

Yes, that is harsh, but that’s exactly what many business owners are doing every day when it comes to creating an online presence.

Get it Right and you will;

  • Increase  sales
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve productivity

With the right Business Coaching you can learn how to embrace the greatest marketing opportunity in History and discover how to,

  • Create a Web Design that converts shoppers to buyers.
  • Transform your online presence with easy to understand “No Geek” Speak Coaching.
  • Integrate your online and offline marketing campaigns with simple Business Coaching Programs.
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy that works.
Internet Marketing Made Easy

Digital Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy and Sales and Marketing Plan is your first step in building an online presence

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Speaker for Digital Marketing


Looking for a Speaker who understands Sales and Marketing, Digital Marketing and Business Development?

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Business Coach for Digital Marketing

Business Coach and Trainer

My Coaching Program is designed to help you create a Digital Marketing Plan that works

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The Psychology Of Your Buyer

When your buyer begins the buying process, it’s almost like they have a set of scales in their mind and they are weighing up each decision they make, and they are subconsciously asking themselves questions like,

And it can be summed up in this simple diagram

At the beginning of the sales process “Fear of Loss” outweighs “Hope for Gain” and your goal is to provide enough information and evidence that your products and services that “Hope for Gain” outweighs “Fear of Loss”

The goal is to change Fear of Loss into Hope for Gain

And to achieve this you need to understand what I call “The Road To a Sale Process” The Road to a Sale Process is simply answering all your buyers questions, needs and wants, eliminating Fear of Loss and creating Hope for Gain in a logical sequence

Every Buyer Is Different

Some shoppers need lots of information to make a buying decision and others don’t need a lot, your first time visitor may already be well down the “Road to a Sale” journey and doesn’t need a whole lot more information to buy.

or they maybe just beginning the buying process.

Whatever the case may be for them, you must create a full and comprehensive online presence that will answer everyone’s questions.

Your goal should be that all the information they need to buy your products or services is answered on your web site,

If you fail to understand this you run the risk of them leaving your web site and not returning because you could not answer most of their concerns, fears and doubts.

To master this massive Online Opportunity, you need to understand today’s buyer, their new buying patterns, behaviour and how to apply the psychology of selling to today’s consumer.

 The Profile of Today’s Online Buyer


  • Makes me smarter
  • Makes educated decisions
  • Comprehensive
  • Up to date information
  • Unlimited information
  • As much as I need


Saves time

  • My Most precious commodity
  • Fits my lifestyle
  • In my time frame
  • Do research upfront
  • Quick competitive comparisons
  • No running around

Not being Sold to – but Purchasing and

 I Do It My Way – Not Your Way!!


  • Easier
  • When I want to
  • Don’t have to leave home
  • One stop shopping


  • Responsive
  • Non-intrusive
  • Approachable
  • At my discretion


  • I’m in charge
  • I’m in control
  • On my own terms
  • Empowered
  • No Intimidation

Digital Marketing Strategies

If the average techie person or web designer has no sales or marketing background and doesn’t understand the psychology of your buyer,   how can they possibly build you an online presence that converts shoppers to buyers?
(p.s. its not their fault, they come from a technical background, not a marketing background.)

And if you don’t understand this whole “internet thing,”  you have a situation of the “blind leading the blind”

And if you don’t understand how to use  Facebook, YouTube, Google Local, Local Directories etc. to drive traffic to your web site it gets worse!!!

Get it right

and you will have a continual stream of pre-qualified buyers ready to buy from you

“We are on the top of Google and getting calls from all over.”
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“We are now on top of Google and we are getting many many phone calls from customers across Australia and I am very confident that will continue to see our business grow as the result of the hard work we’ve put in together!”


Get it wrong and you will lose “$$$$’s”

The Big Mistake Most Business Owners Make

Most business owners still have what I call a Traditional Advertising Mind Set,

“let’s stick up some basic information on our web site like we do with our ads in the paper, Radio, TV etc. Get them to call us and get them in and we will sell them our stuff!.”

If you want to be really successful online you must understand that the Road To A Sale happens online and this simple diagram explains the process

The Road To A Sale

Don’t Make This Mistake!

Most Business Owners (and techie type web site companies) make the mistake of creating their online presence purely as information and not as a sales focused process –

Make no mistake, your visitors will become shoppers and then buyers predisposed to buying from you if you present your information correctly and in a logical sequence.

Your online presence these days is a major driver to your success in business, people use the internet to do their “due diligence” on you.

There’s a web developer and a graphics designer on every other corner and “backyarders” all producing an “online brochure” style websites that fail miserably in engaging new clients and building your business. And the real killer is they most likely don’t have a sales and marketing background!!!

Your website is your Shopfront to your Online Presence

  • Your website is a marketing tool. It should look smart and help you with your branding
  • It should pre-sell your business
  • deliver warm prospects to your front door or phone, keen and ready to do business with you
  • Help you get more leads, more sales and more profit
  • Keep your existing clients engaged, coming back and referring you to other new clients

Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy  

With my short term Coaching for Results Program, I will equip you with the right knowledge to take to your web developers or you can implement yourself.

For More information, go to my Coaching page or simply click “Coaching.”