Business Coach and Trainer — Coaching for Results

Having a short-term business coach and trainer in your business or association is about making sure you have;

  • web design that converts Shoppers to Buyers.

  • The very best digital marketing plan.

  • The right online and offline marketing mix.

  • Advertising techniques tailored to suit your marketing objectives.

12-Week Digital Marketing Strategy Coaching Program

Designed to help you create and build your Online Digital Assets and have a clear understanding of successful online marketing principles.

22-page Online and Offline Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

  • Identifies your most profitable niche/s within your industry that match your expertise.

  • Creates a roadmap to follow for your online build and ongoing success.

27-page Business and Marketing Diagnostic Guide

Designed to clearly identify:

  • Your ideal client.

  • Market niche.

  • Your perfect pitch or big idea.

Gives the copywriters the powerful content to write a compelling message.

One that brands you as an expert in your industry and converts shoppers to buyers.

34-page Web Developers Brief

A blueprint for developing your online presence! Protects you against sub-standard Web Development Agencies.

Details the website and online presence, aims, intended audiences, content scope and depth, required features and content maintenance requirements.

States the principles and requirements that will govern the design and technical aspects of the website and its on-going maintenance.

Management of the Quotation process to ensure you have the right company developing your online presence.

One-day Onsite video shoot —Up to 25 videos*.

Includes Creation and design of your YouTube Channel.

Includes your choice of Music Clip and Video opening and closing images with a clear Call to Action.

Includes training session on how to use your smartphone as a marketing tool.

*The number of videos is determined by how many we can shoot in one session

“Digital Marketing is easy with a good coaching program”

Jane Broadbent - The Tea Room Bairnsale

Business Coach Program

Designed to help you become Self-sufficient and understand Digital Marketing to maximise your sales opportunities. (I won’t give you a fish, but teach you how to fish.)

Online Build*

This part of the process is where all our efforts come together for the actual build of your online presence, just like building a house, we have drawn up the plans, got the best products and services possible, developed a good strategy and sourced the best possible people (via a tender process) to build your online presence.
* The Online build is paid directly the developers.

Online Build Choices

You now have two choices

  • a DIY build or,

  • an “everything done for you build.”

DIY Build

While DIY can deliver significant savings, it does come with its own challenges!

If you choose this option, as part of the 12-week coaching program I would guide and help you get the very best build team, but it is still dependent upon the following factors;

  • Your ability to manage and supervise the online DIY process.

  • Your computer skills and ability to learn how to use some online software, (minimal techie skills are needed).

  • The time you have available to manage the DIY process. (it could be up to 100 hours).

I would assess your skills and ability to manage a DIY process and advise the best option.

“He Made it really easy for me, I gave him all the information and he handled everything else.”

Erika Wager - My Buddy Gard

“Everything Done for You” Build

While the outlay can be significantly more, the great part is that we source the very best Web Development Agency through a tender process and as part of your 12-week coaching program, I manage the build process for you to ensure it is done to our brief.

6 Months ongoing Coaching

To make sure you get the very best outcome, at the end of the 12 weeks, you get a further 6 months of coaching to make sure you get the very best out of your online presence.

Every 21 days, I will touch base with you and review whats working, whats not working and continue to refine your marketing strategy.

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Cash Flow

Making a capital outlay even for something that will increase sales and productivity can impact the cash flow (lifeblood) of any business!

However, if you amortise the cost over a two or three year period, it starts to make good business sense. In most cases, the cost of the build will be tax deductible (check with your Accountant).

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Your Next Step

FREE Digital Marketing Coaching Session

Get a FREE No-obligation 20 minute Sales and Marketing Strategy session.

Their is no hard sell, this is about getting to know each other and deciding if we are a good fit.

At the very least you get FREE access to 40 years of Sales and Marketing Experience.