Digital Marketing Strategy

A well planned Digital Marketing Strategy is foundational to your online success.

If you’re a Business Owner with great business ideas,
but haven’t done your online market research, don’t have a sound Digital Marketing Strategy, don’t understand digital marketing objectives and not sure where to start.

You are doomed to mediocre success before you begin.

Hey that’s pretty harsh! Yes I know, but every day I see dozens of lousy attempts at effective online marketing campaigns

It’s Not Your Fault!

If you are a Business Owner who never grew up with the internet, you find it daunting and you wish it would go away, or you’ve put it in the “Too Hard Basket!” and hope it will go away —  the truth is—it’s not going away!!

It’s not your fault, you’ve worked hard all your life, you’ve made a success of your business and now this “internet thing” has come along and it’s tipped your business world upside down.

“It Makes me feel Dumb!”

Or maybe you know you have to do something about this whole “Internet Thing,” but it just makes you feel inadequate, dumb and stupid and you feel overwhelmed just by the thought of even knowing where to begin.

Or you’ve decided, “Okay, so let’s build a website and get online.” You’ve found a Web Developer and the first thing they ask you is, “what do you want?” and you think to yourself, “Come on guys, you’re the experts!!!

Do you have a Social Media Strategy in place?

Or maybe you’ve built a web site and set up a Facebook page because someone said, “You need a Facebook Page!” and you’ve found it has consumed a lot of your time, given you “brain damage” and the returns have been mediocre, the learning curve is incredibly steep and you just don’t know how, where or who to ask to make it work for you.

Does that sound like you?

Having the right Sales and Marketing Strategy

Will get you more leads, sales and profit, it will eliminate the time wasters and give you pre qualified buyers ready to buy.

Having a well planned Sales and Marketing Strategy  means you can confidently talk to your “Techie People” and tell them exactly what you want. You will feel like “the genius” and quite frankly they will love you for it because in most cases, they are tech heads with very little marketing skills and are relying on the Business Owner to provide the content.

As a Sales and Marketing Strategist, I believe your first goal is to create a marketing strategy that builds trust and relationship and converts shoppers into buyers who want to buy from you instead of your competition.

And this is what I do best, (check out the testimonies)

Understanding Your Business

To make your business successful I first need to understand how it works, why it works, and what makes it tick?

It’s about asking you lots of questions about your business,

  • The type of work or services do you provide?
  • Your ideal customer?
  • What motivates them to buy?
  • What needs do you fill?
  • What makes your business unique?
  • What problems do you solve?

Essentially, I want to “get inside your head” to understand your business and identify your customers needs, motivation, aspirations etc.

Every business has its own unique features and benefits that will convert shoppers into happy customers, the problem is most Business Owners are too close to their business to see them, are poorly skilled in marketing and have no idea on how to market or promote their business.

Your Marketing Blueprint For Success

The next step is to take the information you provided me with, compare it to your market, check out what your competitors are doing,
what search terms or words your buyers are using when they shop online,
what makes your buyer “tick,” their needs, wants or problems that your product or services will solve for them.

What sort of online medium do they use?
That is; do they use Facebook? Or YouTube? Or LinkedIn?
Maybe they use Trip Advisor.

 Planning The Best Way To Implement Your Marketing Strategy,

  • do you want to do the work?
  • do you have the right people in your organisation to do the work?
  • What social media platforms do you want to use?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to outsource some of the work?
  • Or do you want a complete “Hold Your Hand, All Done for You” service?

From this, I can create a Sales and Marketing strategy, a “Road Map” for you to follow, one that best matches your skills.

One that creates an online environment where your buyers feel like they know you, they can trust you and want to buy from you instead of your competitors.

In other words, a Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy that is uniquely tailored to suit your business, products and services.

Digital Marketing Strategy That Engages Your Customers

It takes a comprehensive and sustainable marketing approach to build your leads, sales and ultimately your bottom line  profit.

Even though it will require a little bit of work up front, with the right information and input, together we can develop a marketing strategy that works. One that gives you a continuous stream of  pre-qualified leads flowing into your business.

Educated With Our Simple Marketing Strategies And Business Coaching

You will discover a whole new level of business growth you never thought possible.

Training - Business Coaching Program

As part of the implementation process, I “partner” with you for up  to 10-12 weeks with a Training and Business Coaching program to help you develop a Sales and  Marketing Strategy that works and how to manage the ongoing process.

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