Gen Xers Love affair with YouTube

YouTube is important to Gen Xers and if your target market is Gen Xers, you need to seriously consider using YouTubeYouTube as one of your major marketing platforms.

Gen Xers were born before the internet in the mid 60’s to the late 70’s, however as they grew up, they witnessed the ground-breaking internet revolution that we have today.

Gen Xers behavior on YouTube reflects broadly held assumptions about Gen Xers; their love for nostalgia, ability to self-start and their desire to be in the know.

Many Gen-Xers grew up in a household where both parents worked and found themselves at home alone.

This meant they took on a lot of responsibility for themselves and their siblings, developed a sense of independence, be a self-starter and work things out for themselves.

Thus, YouTube, has become a major online platform that they now use.

Gen-X Behaviour on YouTube

Research done by Netta Gross and Brianne Janacek Reeber from “think with Google” revealed the following observations.
 Gen-Xers account for over 1.5 Billion YouTube views every day.

 75% of Gen-X watch YouTube at least monthly on any device.

 64% bought a product or service they saw in a video when they were learning how to do something.

 68% watch YouTube videos to stay in the know, i.e. stay on top of news and pop culture, it is their way of keeping a pulse on current events.

 73% learn how to do something, (DIY stuff) and it’s important to them to learn the how-to content at their own pace, for them, being able to pause and replay as they master a new skill is important.

Top 5 “how-to” Categories

 Home repair-improvements

 Cooking

 Technology use and repair

 Arts and crafts

 Beauty and personal care

What this means for Business Owners

Gen-Xers are now at a time in their lives where they have the means and time to invest in their surroundings, personal appearance, as well as their health and well-being.

If your business falls into any one of these categories, all of this watching presents a significant opportunity to become an influencer in your market.

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