Is Your Website a Brochure or a Sales Tool?

Poorly Design Website

So, you have built yourself a website, congratulations you are now online and feel quite proud of your online presence, The BIG QUESTION, is your website a brochure or a sales tool.

You may be asking yourself, what do I mean, “is your website a brochure or a sales tool?

Common Mistakes

  • Most business owners view their online presence as any other form of marketing, where they have limited time or space to create a strong sales message and view it as, “let’s put some information up and we will get them (the customer) to call us and then we will sell them our stuff.”
  • They fail to understand that the internet is a very different way of marketing and you are not limited by space or time.
  • The online buyer is exactly that, A BUYER on the “Road to a Sale.”

  • Is Your Website a Brochure?

    throwing papers in air

    If your website is not much more than a DL sized brochure, (most are) it is like taking a brochure and throwing into the wind and hoping your customer will catch it.

    If you have created your website this way you are literally thousands of dollars in lost opportunities.

  • Is Your website a Sales Tool?

    A good website is like having a 24/7 Sales Person answering every question and concern your shopper

    The online user is searching for information and ultimately to buy a product or service.
    They may be at the beginning of the process, close to buying or somewhere in between.

    Your goal is to keep them on your website and answer all their questions just like a professional sales person would do.

    It’s not about being pushy or high pressure stuff, good online or face to face salesmanship is about identifying the shoppers needs and giving them clear evidence your product will meet their needs.

Build Trust and Relationship

Another goal of your website is to build consumer confidence, let’s face it who wants to buy of someone they don’t trust or feel like they don’t care about you!

At some stage, all of us have felt like we can’t trust the sales person we are buying from and in the case of your website, it is easy for your customer to quickly leave your website and go to your competitors.

Don’t be deceived

Into thinking, “I don’t sell on line so it doesn’t really matter.” it is a fact that today’s buyers are going online and doing most of their research before they arrive at your physical location.

Fear of Loss Vs. Hope for Gain

This simple diagram illustrates what happens in any transaction large or small.

fear of loss - hope for gain

At the beginning of the sales process “Fear of Loss: outweighs “Hope for Gain” and the goal of your website is to provide enough evidence that your product or service creates Hope for Gain and will satisfy your buyer’s needs.

Third Party Evidence

In today’s cynical society, you must provide clear evidence of satisfied customers.
That is, testimonies, reviews, emails, your happy customers raving about you.

  • Magic Bullet

    This is the magic bullet that most business owners fail at, yet it will literally transform your business overnight if you do this.

    sales graph

    I have seen so many businesses reach extraordinary sales figures when they apply these principles into their website.

  • Build your Website as a Sales Tool

    Your next step is to review your website and ask yourself, “does my website meet the above criteria?”

    If not, you need to address this issue.

    If sales and digital marketing is not your strength, hire a short-term sales and marketing strategist and develop a digital marketing strategy that works.


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