Digital Marketing and Business Ideas Development Speaker

Are you looking for a keynote or guest business speaker who can talk to your audience on digital marketing strategies and developing online business ideas in a simple easy to understand language without all the Geek Speak and Techie talk?

The basic stuff that geeks and technical people seem to assume that the average business owner knows.

Research reveals that the average Business Owner is struggling to understand how to adapt their “Bricks and Mortar” business or develop their business ideas into a successful online format that will attract buyers.

Internet Secrets Made Easy

Digital Marketing and online advertising is simple but complex at the same time. I make Internet Secrets easy for the average business owner to understand and have a wide range of topics that can be tailored to suit your audience, from 20 minute presentations to One Day Workshops and  Coaching Programs.

“We had a great day today with Carl making “Internet Secrets
Easy,” it was made easy for us and we really enjoyed it”
- Beach Street Apartments Merimbula NSW

The Purpose

There is so much confusion and a general lack of education in the digital space and the average business owner is struggling to know where to begin.

The purpose is to speak to your audience in a “No Geek Speak” and “Non Techie Language” and give them ideas that they can take away and implement into their businesses and get instant results.


Listed below is a brief summary of topics I have spoken on and the average duration is 20-45 minutes. The content and time is tailored to suit your needs.

“Is Anybody Really Looking”

There are literally thousands and thousands of people looking for the average business Owners products and services and most Business Owners are completely oblivious to this fact. This presentation will show your audience:

  • Clear evidence of how big the online market is.

  • how Business Owners find their online buyers.

  • How to get in front of their audience.

  • and how to “talk” to your audience.

The Online Revolution That Will Impact All Businesses

There is a Revolution happening that most business Owners do not realise and are failing to understand that if they don’t take action they are committing commercial suicide. This presentation is about:

  • Buyer Behaviour.

  • Why Institutional Marketing gets poor returns.

  • Search Marketing Vs. Intrusive Marketing.

  • How Business Owners can get massive returns with minimal outlay.

“I can see that this type of marketing is the way of the future and online marketing is a very effective tool”
- Ann Waller Real Estate

Psychology of your Online Customer

Most Business Owners fail to understand the behaviour of the online customer and in this presentation I can show you:

  • How to enter the conversation in your buyer’s head
  • How to meet their expectations
  • How to become a problem solver
  • How to become the preferred buyer choice

Building your Most Precious Assets

Your online presence is an asset, not an advertising expense and this presentation is about

  • Building your Online Assets.

  • A list of the Online “must haves” you need to have for an effective online presence.

  • How to stand out from the crowd.

  • How to brand yourself as the expert in your industry.

  • How to integrate your online presence with your “bricks and mortar business.”

“Building an online presence is the only way to go”
- A Grade Solar Solutions Australia

How to Build a Website that Sells

Most Business Owners think their website is simply a brochure and this is a costly myth when in fact it is a Marketing asset that will exceed returns of any other form of marketing. This presentation is about:

“There is so much to learn and unless you know how to implement it, you will never get there!”
- Erin Stewart

How to Set Up Google Local and Why

Google local is becoming a very powerful and vitally important for a local business owner who sells goods and services locally and is FREE and most business owners are not aware of this unique service provided by Google. In this session I will explain:

  • How simple it is to set up.

  • How to make it become your top selling online tool.

  • How to get 5 Star Rave reviews.

  • How to respond to negative reviews.

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