This DIY Digital Marketing kit contains the 5 most important Sales and Marketing principles that most Web Developers and Business Owners fail to understand and implement when building an online presence.

Does your website do this?

Ask yourself as you read this page, “does my online presence do this?” if not the chances are, you are losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales!

A good online presence using these 5 simple but powerful Sales and Marketing principles will take a shopper to a buyer predisposed to buying from you

I have applied these 5 Principles over the past 40 years and they work regardless of the industry you are in. (Offline or Online).

Don’t take my word for it

Now, don’t take my word for it, listen to what some of my customers said when they followed and implemented these 5 principles.

Extracts from testimonials on our website

  • “The results have been fantastic — enquiries from all over Australia”Engineering
  • “In 2007 I first met Carl – what he taught me has really worked”Used Car Dealer
  • “It’s quite amazing that it can actually happen! — we are seeing consistent growth year on year”Food Manufacturer
  • What he has built is far beyond my expectations”Kitchen makeovers
  • “In the last 5 months, we have had 100% increase in bookings, retaining 99.9% of our corporate clients”Motel
  • “I have had an 800% increase in sales!!!!”Granny Flat Builder
  • “He has shown me how to build a bigger business economically”Herbal Teas

Is your online presence getting results like that? If not, the chances are that your missing these 5 simple but powerful sales and marketing principles.

Online Revolution

The internet is the greatest media marketing opportunity in history and it’s changing the fortunes of every business owner on the planet positively or negatively and every business owner has the choice of what outcome they want.

Some business owners “get it” and others are failing dismally, but,

It’s simple really.

When you understand 5 basic principles, it’s really very easy to convert a shopper to a buyer I have been applying these timeless principles for over 40 years and they work regardless of the industry you are in.

The Road to a Sale

It important that you understand that your potential customer is going online to BUY!!

They may be very early in the sales process or well “down the road to a Sale,” but make no mistake they are searching to buy now or at some stage in the future and the goal of your online presence is have them buy from you, not your competitors!

Psychology of your customer

It’s important that you understand the thought process and psychology of your customer during the sales process.


Everyone thinks its just price, but that’s not entirely true! Sure, people want value for money, BUT they will pay more if you are answering these questions effectively.

Your customer is subconsciously asking themselves these 5 basic questions

1.Who are you?
2.Can I trust you
3.Is your product/service any good?
4.What is your after sales service like?
5.What proof do you have to your claims?

Sounds too simple doesn’t it?

And it is, it works in every transaction that takes place on planet earth every day.
Miss one of these 5 basic Sales and Marketing principles and you will be reducing your enquiry to sales conversions ratio.
I learnt these principles in one of the toughest industries you could be in, in fact, according to Nielsen’s ratings, the trust factor in that industry is scored at 97% distrust!

And I quickly learnt that if I did not apply these 5 simple sales and marketing principles in every transaction my sales dropped.

Ask yourself

“Does my online presence and website conclusively answer these questions?”
If the answer is no to any one of these questions, you are seriously reducing your enquiry to sales conversions and losing thousands of dollars in sales revenue.

Don’t be fooled

into thinking, “well, I’ll just put up a simple website and get them to call me,” that is old school thinking, it simply doesn’t work anymore and if it is, the chances are one of your competitors will “get it” and take your customers in a heartbeat.

Trust and Relationship

People buy from people they know and trust, buyer confidence come from building Trust and Relationship.
My successful clients are constantly telling me that when the customer contacts them, they talk to them like a trusted friend and usually in the mindset of, “I want you to come and—-”

Kit Description

It is a well-developed, all-inclusive Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing kit incorporating the
time proven 5 basic Sales and Marketing principles that I have successfully applied in many
offline and online businesses over the past 40 years.

I am going to show you how to build an online presence and achieve results you never thought possible regardless of your industry.

Whether you are a business owner or a web developer, this kit provides all information that you need
and you will

Learn how to

apply these 5 time proven sales and Marketing Principles in:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Automated Lead Generation
  • Building High Converting Websites
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • High Ticket Sales Conversion
  • SEO Local Guide
  • Competitive Analysis


Includes 3 manuals
PS. These are the tools I use for my “Hold-Your-Hand-All-Done-For-You” high end clients


32-page Online and Offline Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Is designed to give you a “Big Picture” look at your online and offline presence and it;

  • Identifies the most profitable niche/s within your industry that match your expertise
  • Creates a roadmap to follow for your online build and ongoing success
  • Help you find the Keywords and search terms your customers use


32-page Expandable Business and Marketing Diagnostic Guide

Designed to clearly identify

  • Your ideal client/s
  • How to apply the 5 Principles in your market niche/s
  • How to brand you as the Trusted Expert
  • How to build Trust and Relationship
  • Clarify the outcomes you want from your online presence
  • How to convert shoppers to buyers

And most importantly this becomes the Blueprint that you give to the web development
agency that is building your online presence


36-page Website and Online Development brief

This has been designed as a blueprint to protect you against substandard web development agencies or “Backyarder” style web developers creating your online presence

  • Enables you to get quotes that all meet the same criteria’s
  • Clearly outlines your outcomes
  • Ensures you are compliant with latest cutting-edge industry standards
  • Removes any “he said, she said!” miscommunication
  • Make you look like the expert
  • Becomes your “contract” with the web development agency