Google Analytics: How to Measure and Monitor Your Online Presence

Google Analytics in a Nutshell

  • You can’t monitor what you can’t measure
  • It is paramount to accurately monitor the activity of your online presence
  • Google has made this easy with a Free tool called “Google Analytics”

what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small. It’s one of the most powerful digital analytics solutions available - and it’s Free for anyone to use.

With Google Analytics you can learn;

  • Where users come from and what they do on your site
  • Accurate website traffic patterns/trends
  • Which pages retain users the longest
  • Where people leave your site
  • What search terms people use to find your site
  • Which marketing initiatives are most effective
  • Plus, much more as you will find out shortly

How to Set Up Google Analytics

1. Open Google Search

2. Type in “Google Analytics”


3. Sign in or create an account





  • This is the traffic for a Real Estate Agent in Bairnsdale
  • Over a 60-day period
  • These results cover a broad range of search terms
  • We did not build this site, but have been talking to them about their online marketing

This is how stunning the results are.

Sessions, Page Views, Bounce Rate

  • Summary page of total users over 60-day period (786 New Users - average of 13 per day)
  • Av. No. of pages viewed - 5.85 acceptable industry std. is. - 2 pages
  • Average time on site - 3.55 mins acceptable industry standard is.1 minute
  • Bounce rate 27% - industry standard is 55% or less. Google is happy with a bounce rate of up to 55% or less.

What is a Bounce Rate?

If I was clicking through from the search browser to a website and discovered it was the wrong information or web site and quickly click out of the site back to the search browser, that’s what it means by bounce rate.


Now, this in here is the locations of readers typing into their search browser “real estate in Bairnsdale”

And this is the traffic going to their over a 60 day period

From Melbourne is - 1485,

Next is Sydney - so 245.

And Bairnsdale is only 138,

So it is apparent that a lot of potential buyers are coming from outside the local region of Bairnsdale

Let’s go to another page and have a look at this down the bottom of the page. We can see:

  • A Hong Kong visitor spent 15 minutes and looked at 17 pages.
  • How do you sell a property in Bairnsdale to a Hong Kong buyer online?
  • The answer is simple once taught how.


What source or medium did the visitors use?

  • 56% is Google Organic
  • Only 4.67% of new visitors came through Real
  • And Yellow Pages is ONLY 0.38% of new Users!!

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t let Yellow pages tell you that their marketing and web site works!


What device did the visitors use?

You can see that there are three device categories:

1. Desktop
2. Mobile
3. Tablet


  • Your online presence, web site etc. must be compatible on all platforms
  • If you have a web site, ask your techie people to install Google analytics in your web site
  • its free and easy to install
  • You can’t monitor and improve what you can’t measure
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