Why Coaching is more important than ever

coachingIn today’s demanding and rapidly-changing world you need to use every advantage you have to stay ahead of the competition. A business culture that incorporates coaching helps maximise all your resources and brings out the best in you and your team.

Coaching gives you the edge

Being at the top of your game keeps you in practice for all that life throws at you. Coaching gives you the edge that lets you deliver your peak performance. If you allow yourself to become complacent and content with just being ‘good enough’ you might find that you’re left behind when it really matters. A good coach can help you meet the tests that modern businesses face.

Keeping customers happy

customers happyCustomers expect first-rate service, and businesses that want to retain them must learn to provide it.

The path to the best service isn’t always easy, though. You need to determine what makes your products and services special in the eyes of your customers.

Securing accurate and actionable feedback can be difficult, and once you have customer assessments it can be hard to put aside personal feelings, acknowledge criticism and use it to improve.

In the American Management Association’s book, Coaching for High Performance, they tell of a manager’s experience when coaching her team to provide the fastest and best-quality customer service. The team decided to have face-to-face interviews with customers, which led to honest and potentially helpful negative feedback. Unfortunately, the staff had a hard time taking it on board and felt discouraged.

Angie, the team leader, used coaching to boost their confidence and inspire them to improve their section’s performance. She says they simplified customer billing and sped up claims processing by 30%. A team leader must be a good coach to make the most of their team and solve the problems that arise.

Managing continuous change

changes aheadWe live in a world that few could even imagine 30 years ago, and the rate of change is accelerating all the time. Coaching helps people learn new things quickly, adjust to different situations and conditions, and become proficient in the new behaviours that may be required of them.

Businesses are under constant pressure to change – from customers, government regulations, competitors, and the flowering of new technologies. Everyone in the company feels it, from the CEO down.

Resistance to change

It’s only human to feel a certain amount of resistance to change. No one wants to master a skill only to have to start all over again from scratch. A good coach can use their listening and communication skills to unearth the reasons for the resistance.

Someone might feel frightened, angry, or disappointed, which interferes with their ability to change. Coaching can help the person work through their blocks and build their confidenceto meet new situations head-on and succeed.

A coach works with you by listening to your concerns and working together to solve problems and meet new expectations. Not only do you benefit from their business and life experience, but having someone who is on your side and keeps your best interests at heart is an asset in meeting the challenges we all face.

If you have any questions or comments, or wish to discuss coaching with me, please feel free to get in touch.

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