DISC Personality Profile Test

please download

follow these instructions on:

How to fill in the DISC Personality Profile Test form

On the DISC sheet you have downloaded — the process is this;
1. ask yourself, how do I see myself? which one am I the “Most”? and draw a thin single line across the symbol
(ps. I need to still be able to see the symbol to add up the scores)

2. then ask yourself which am I the “least”? and draw a thin single line across the symbol
PS — only one “Most” and one “Least” in each section

3. I have included DISC word explanation to make it easier to help choose the right word that best describes you

4. then repeat the process in each section and then email me the completed sheet

5. there is no right or wrong answer, just answer as honestly as you can

PS. You MUST only answer ONE Most and ONE Least in each box, please don’t tick more than one most and least and make sure you have completed a most and least in every box

You will love this — it is so liberating —- and it helps you identify your unique strengths and what roles you are ideally suited for and how to help you get the job role you love.

once you have completed the form, please email to profit@internetsecretsmadeeasy.com