What Your Web Developer Won’t Tell You

Most web developers won’t tell you that the website they built for you is flawed and poorly constructed in the back end, the coding stuff that makes the site rank on the front page of Google and get found by your customers.

Don’t Be Fooled

Into thinking, “Oh my website is on the front page of Google, my site is okay!” chances are you have not cleaned out your cache. (removed your browsing history)

Once you have typed into your browser and opened your website, Google and the other search engines place “tracking cookies” into your browser, so that next time you do a similar search the tracking cookies will make sure the same search results come up first.

Have you been Duped?

There is a simple and FREE tool that you can use to test your own site and quickly find out if you have a well-constructed website that search engines like Google can find match your website to the search terms your buyers are using.

Test Your Website

It will only take a few minutes.
Go into Google and type in “SEO QUAKE” and select what browser you are using, e.g. Chrome, Firefox etc.




Once you have installed this simple and easy to use tool, type your website

you will find a little icon will appear in the top right hand corner of your web browser page.
Open your website. I will use this site as an example

Once you have opened your site, click on the SEO Quake icon in the top right hand corner
And a drop-down box will appear, click on
“DIAGNOSTIC” and a page will appear with a health check of your site.


As you see this site has 7 design errors and 6 warnings

And this is typical of most websites and chances are your website will be the same!

Every one of these errors and warnings will affect the performance and ranking of your website.

and that is only the beginning!

Every one of these errors is costing you hundreds and hundreds of unseen dollars in lost revenue.

PS. Audit your Web Developers Site

Go ahead and do an audit of your web developer’s website, chances are you will be shocked at the results!
If they can’t get their own website right, what chance do you have of them fixing your website?

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