website design mistakes

You have roughly 8 seconds before your visitor leaves your website, here are the 7 most common Website Design elements we find are missing on most sites we look at.

  • The banner above the fold:
    Add a great benefit filled headline (what your site purpose is, what you can do for the visitor), banner image (try and get a great emotional image here) and sub-headline (Why they should do what your site does, like buy, sign up, etc.)
  • Clear call to action:
    Use a strong call to action button with words that inspire urgency and make sure your visitors don’t have to scroll to click on it!
  • Credibility:
    Add credibility to your site through publication and partnership logos.
  • Bullet points:
    Use bullet points to help your audience easily digest your information quickly at a glance. Keep it simple!
  • Images:
    Use clear beautiful images to sell your product. Don’t use images that are obviously stock images. Bonus points if you use images of human faces.
  • Testimonials/Reviews/Happy Customers:
    Constantly gather personal testimonials from your customers and make sure you display them, keep them as original and authentic as possible, video testimonies are great value.
  • Contact:
    Give them an easy way to contact you. Have your phone number and email address clearly visible and make sure it’s on every page and top right corner if possible.
  • Exit Intent Pop up:
    If you don’t convert on the first try, an exit intent pop up starts a funnel that will allow you to keep marketing to your visitors.