What Is Coaching in the Workplace?

Coaching in the WorkplaceBusiness teams differ from sports teams in many ways, but there’s one in which they are very similar – both benefit from coaching. What can a business coach learn from a sports coach?

A business coach takes a long-term view of success over years and decades instead of focusing on winning the championship, but he or she also learns to mold separate persons into a strong team.

Good coaches promote an atmosphere of coaching. Everyone is open to feedback and looks out for each other. People understand that they win or lose as a team, not as individuals.

A good coach can take a raw recruit and turn them into a force to be reckoned with. You may have a new hire who has the right education but lacks the experience necessary to fill their position in your company. Coaching would help them learn what they need to know, but coaching is about more than book knowledge. It can help the learner develop instincts.

Business coaching and mentoring is about the mentee’s development as a whole person, not just stuffing more information into them. You can guide them along the path that would fulfill your company aims, as well as benefit the learner.

Coaching builds trust among team members. After all, a coach needs to get to know each person and establish a relationship in order to mentor them effectively. Then they can motivate team members to expand their boundaries and achieve their objectives. Coaching doesn’t just foster new skills, it teaches when and how to use these skills. It also teaches how to coach others.

Coaching improves morale

improves moraleStaff members appreciate coaching too. It shows that you care about them and see them as more than cogs in a profit-making machine. Employees like to feel that they’re doing their job well and going somewhere with their position. Coaching isn’t just a tool you pull out to bring a slacker up to the mark.

It can also help high-performers reach their best. It helps stave off boredom, too. Coaching can make for a nice break in the routine of the workday. Your staff members get a chance to share their victories and brainstorm solutions to mistakes.

Coaching helps you reach your goal

helps you reach your goalsEffective coaching drives success, in sports and in business. Of course, ‘success’ in business is a little harder to define than success in sports. In business, it really is about ‘how you play the game’.

A single-minded focus on achieving your goals can actually be counterproductive. A good business team needs to be agile and innovative to respond to the challenges of the market. After all, the rules might change overnight.

A business coach can help you develop a game plan to adapt to changes and lead your team to the win. A coach isn’t just a teacher who stands in front of the class, writing on the blackboard. A coach gets in the game with the players. Coaching provides support, but more importantly, inspires the team to do their best.

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