Why coaching and mentoring is important

coachingTraining isn’t just for a couple of weeks when you first join an organization – really effective professionals continue learning throughout their life.

This is where a coach or mentor comes in. His or her job is to support staff and management and bring out their best, promoting career progress and development.

Coaching can polish a good staff member to a brilliant shine and bring an underperformer up to the mark. Whether you’re coaching someone to take on more responsibility before a promotion, or helping someone meet their production goals, coaching has many benefits for both the company and employees.

Benefits to the person who is coached


  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes professional career growth
  • Enhances skills
  • Identifies weak areas and turns them into potential successes
  • Develops a good relationship with the supervisor
  • Enhances problem-analysis skills
  • Reduces the feeling of low self-worth and frustration
  • Gives an opportunity to think about a better work role and career
  • Focuses attention on training and development

Benefits to the Organization

  • Higher employee retention
  • Competitive advantage with more skilled and high-performing employees
  • Increased skill set and knowledge levels in staff and management
  • Greater chances of attaining goals
  • Succession planning
  • Uses human resources to their best advantage
  • Enhancement of communication within the organization
  • Strengthening of company culture and ethics

Some organizations create a specific position for someone who will be coaching the entire department or company. Management can learn coaching skills to help their staff members perform to the best of their ability. They will also be better equipped to handle any behavioral issues that come up.

Coaching is good for the company culture

Company culture becomes healthier and more collaborative with coaching. The atmosphere becomes more open and supports self-improvement and learning in both staff and management. When everyone strives to better themselves, standards for the organization as a whole improve.

Regular coaching and mentoring sessions improve communication between administrative levels in an organization. Employees find it easier to bring up their concerns with management when there is an established channel for exchanging information and ideas.

They don’t see their supervisor as just their boss, but as someone who cares about them and wants them to fulfill their potential. Working relationships can be established on a friendlier footing.

Coaching is good for employees

employeesEmployees have more satisfaction in their work because they know the company supports them in attaining a higher level of professional skill.

They can feel like they’re really going somewhere, and are not just stuck in a ‘dead-end job’. Management has many opportunities to stress the importance of constantly honing and improving professional skills, and provides the ways and means to do so.

Coaching is good for the coach

coachThe coach benefits from the coaching process as well. They say the true test of mastery is how well you can teach your skills to others.

In order to explain a process to a beginner you have to break it down into simple steps that anyone can understand, so coaching deepens your own understanding of the matter.

Mentoring improves your interpersonal skills, since you have to set aside your own bias to see things from another person’s point of view.

Regular coaching gives you the chance to see the measurable improvements that coaching can bring, and lets you implement it according to the best standards and practices. You can evaluate what really works for your organization and what doesn’t and ensure that your coaches have the skills they need to carry out effective coaching.

To see the full benefits of coaching and mentoring, they should be routine parts of your company culture, not just something you bring in every once in a while to solve specific problems. After all, your favorite sports team doesn’t just train hard during the month before the game – they need to work the whole year under their coach’s watchful eye to come out winners.

If you have any questions or comments, or wish to discuss coaching with me, please feel free to get in touch.

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