7 Major Mistakes Business Owners Make

  • — Anyone can build a website and most are built by “techie” people, or worse still “backyarders,” or a friend of the family who have little to zero marketing skills.Plus, most Business Owners are not marketers and have little understanding of the psychology of the online consumer’s buying behaviour, so it ends up being the “blind leading the blind”
  • — The digital industry is very fragmented and disjointed and Business Owners find themselves in the situation where they must source the various components of an online presence,
    It’s like what an owner builder does when he or she decides to manage the build process of a new home themselves.It can be an absolute nightmare and a false economy and most afterwards say, “I never want to do that again!”
  • — Most Business Owners invest significantly in the “bricks and mortar” infrastructure of their business, yet when it comes to their online presence, they reach into their pockets, pull out the loose change and think that is a sufficient investment.
    This can be one of the costliest mistakes a Business Owner can make.
  • — many Business Owners think it’s a “build and forgot” and nothing could be further from the truth.  It would be like running a traditional business and breaking all the rules of good business practices and expecting to get outstanding results.
  • — A significant amount of investment in Digital Marketing fails because most Business Owners do not have the right systems and processes to convert the opportunities that comes from good Digital Marketing Strategies.Once you receive the online enquiry, what processes and systems do you have in place to convert that opportunity to a sale and a long-term client?What staff training has been implemented to handle your online enquiries?

    The next mistake is;

  • — Failing to understand the need to keep abreast of e-marketing trends/changes.
    The digital landscape is constantly evolving and there is an ever-increasing need to stay informed with what is happening in the digital marketing space.Even if SEO is being outsourced — the outsourcing should be by informed delegation not abdication!
  • — The need for continuous improvement within the business to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their competitive advantage.What ongoing coaching and training have you implemented to keep ahead of your competition?

1) Your Next Step

Most of the world’s most successful business people have had coaches, mentors and trainers along their road to success, they sought help from others with skills that enhanced their skills and business model.

They recognised that to grow, they needed to enlist the skills of others who were smarter than them or knew more about a field that they knew very little about and did not need to spend a lot of their time learning those skills when it was more expedient to utilise the skills of another.

Developing your Digital Marketing Strategies is no different

As part of my ongoing services, I can coach you and help you with the rollout of your Digital Business Strategy and these are the benefits to you:

  • I have a sound understanding of sales and marketing.
  • Understand the basics of what a good website looks like
  • Understand that your website is only one part of an integrated online presence
  • Know how to source and choose the right people to build your online presence
  • Understand your business and your customers’ needs
  • I know how to match your message to your market and tweak as the need arises
  • Understand the buying behaviour of your online buyer
  • The ability to hold your hand and help you implement your digital marketing strategy
  • Help you to learn, master and delegate the ongoing process
  • Help you develop an ongoing social media and content marketing campaign that works best for you
  • Help you monitor, measure and tweak your digital marketing strategies
  • Refine the sales process to convert the opportunities (Incoming leads) to sales and customer retention

Your First Step:

Lets chat and find out if I can help your company build a website and create an online presence that works.

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