SEO Strategies for Dummies

I have listed the top 3 SEO strategies that are simple to implement.

SEO strategies are designed to help your website make rank well on Google and other search engines.

You want to get on the front page, and to do that you need to tick the boxes that tell Google’s search algorithm you have a high-quality website.
These are split up into two areas.

Off-page SEO

When you work to bring traffic to your website, such as by getting links from outside web pages or using social media, this is known as off-page SEO.
For instance, you can Tweet about your new article, or send out samples of your products for bloggers to review. If the external links are relevant to your content, the more of them you have the higher your Google ranking.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is made up of the aspects of your website you can completely control. Basically, if you build an outstanding website, you will get traffic. People will connect with you because your content is great and your website is easy to use, and once people come to your website they’ll want to hang around and read more of your website content.

Fundamental on-page SEO aspects

You can make the most out of your website by maximising these three essential SEO elements. Effort put here will pay you back in terms of getting and maintaining good Google rankings and website traffic.

Fantastic content

The first and best thing that attracts readers to your website and gets them to stay is your excellent content. In-depth, well-written, informative content, sprinkled with the right keywords, is one of the best ways to increase your search rankings. You should also update regularly to keep people coming back for more. You don’t need new products – you can publish articles about your business or write a blog.

Another great way to add value for your readers is to make your website a multimedia experience. Use pictures and videos to stimulate the senses and present your information in different and interesting ways.

Fabulous user experience

Your UX (User eXperience) is one of the most important things for your Google rankings and crucial to keeping people on your site. If no one can read your witty and insightful articles because your website takes too long to load, isn’t optimised for the mobile device they’re using, or is too hard to navigate, all your work just goes to waste. To ensure a good UX you need the third of our essential on-page SEO factors.

High-quality code

Technical SEO is the term for SEO work that’s done behind the scenes, apart from the content. Make sure your web developers know what they’re doing so they create a fast, fun website that’s easy to use on any platform.

They should also know how to make your website properly crawlable. Web indexer bots (called crawlers or spiders) go through the internet, reading your content and processing it for their search engines. That’s how they get the data they use to rank your site.

Maintaining your website at the top of the charts can be a complex and time-consuming business, but with some effort (and professional help) you can succeed.

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