The Power of a Mentor in Business

Mentor in BusinessThroughout my career I’ve benefited greatly from the help of mentor. I can’t think where I’d be without them. Well, I’m sure I would have achieved success. It would have just been a lot more difficult. I’d have made a lot of mistakes I could have easily avoided with the help of a mentor, and would have missed a lot of opportunities.

Mentors help you out in more ways than one.

You can’t think of everything yourself

You can’t think of everythingNo one can see all sides of a situation. Everyone has blind spots, and mentors can help you fill in yours. No matter how smart you are, if you’re too involved in a situation you run the risk of missing something. You can get so focused on the details in front of you that you miss important activity elsewhere.

A mentor has a detached viewpoint. They can assess all the parts of your project and see them in the proper relationship with each other. It’s like you’re a general fighting a battle, but you can only see what’s on the ground. Your mentor is the eye in the sky who gives you the big picture.

Mentors lend the benefit of their experience

benefitEven if you’ve been around the block a couple of times, you don’t know about all aspects of life and business. Choose a mentor who has experience in areas where you may not be as strong. You might come up against a problem that seems insoluble to you, but is an easy fix for someone who’s had experience in that situation.

You have a brainstorming partner

brainstorming partnerIt’s always a good idea to bounce your ideas off someone else before you implement them. A mentor can give you good feedback because they’re not directly involved and don’t have an agenda of their own. For instance, a staff member might hesitate to tell you about flaws in your idea that a mentor would be comfortable pointing out.

A mentor pushes you to do your best. Best of all, they don’t just spot holes in your theories. They can also see alternatives you might have missed.

Mentors help you navigate your company’s culture

company’s cultureIf your mentor is higher up in your company’s hierarchy they can guide you in how to climb the corporate ladder. They can also help you succeed in your industry in general, by introducing you to helpful people and giving advice on how to make the best of the culture.

Get where you’re going faster

A mentor can stop you from making beginner’s mistakes. If you do have a problem (which is after all inevitable in life), they can help you pick yourself up and get back on track. Your mentor’s help isn’t limited to the realm of ideas. They can provide emotional support as well. They can encourage you when you’re feeling down and rein you in when you try to expand beyond your means.

If you’d like to discuss how a mentor could help you, or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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