Is YouTube a part of your social media marketing? Or do you only post videos occasionally? YouTube Cards let you add interactive cards to your videos. They provide excellent motivation for viewers to act on your calls to action. In this article, I’ll explain how to use YouTube cards to promote your business, products and services. Thanks to Christian Karasiewicz for writing this great article.

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Discover how to use YouTube Cards to promote your business.

Why YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards are a powerful way to maximize your results.

When your audience watches your YouTube videos, you no longer need to hope they remember the website address you mentioned or look in the video description for a link. Just create a visual card they can instantly click on for that important information.

YouTube cards include an image, title, link and a call-to-action.

youtube card gif

This YouTube video uses the cards feature.

There are six types of cards from which to choose: merchandise, fundraising, video, playlist, associated website and fan funding. It just takes a few minutes to set up YouTube cards. Make sure whichever card you use aligns with the goals of your video.

Here are five ways to use YouTube’s card feature.

#1: Drive Traffic to Your Website

YouTube cards are an excellent opportunity is to send viewers to other content on your website. Keep in mind, you need to do more than just drive your audience to your homepage. You need to let them know where to go or what you want them to do once they get there.

Each video should have a particular goal. This is on top of watching your video and engaging by liking or leaving a comment. This is where the call to action is really important.

youtube card example

Musician Chris Robley adds YouTube cards to his music videos. Add a link to relevant content on your website to YouTube video cards.

If your video is a how-to and your goal is to inform, then use a card to send your audience to discover more tips on your website. Include the link to the “how to” category on your blog.

If your video is a keynote and the goal is get hired to speak, then include a card to send your audience to the speaker page on your site.

Chris doesn’t just add a link and expect fans to find their way around. He includes a video card with the call-to-action to visit his website for news and tour dates related to his music.

#2: Grow Your Email List

YouTube allows up to five cards per video. One of them can be an incentive to sign up for your emails.

An email list is essential for relationship development in any business. Stay in touch with your audience, while doing ongoing lead generation for your sales funnel. This is more eventual than immediate sales. Warm up the people on your list, and promote your products and services to them over time.

youtube card example

Add up to five cards in one video. Musician Chris Robley has a second card that asks people to join his email list.

Musician Chris Robley from the previous example shows multiple cards in his videos. Early in the video he promotes tour dates. Towards the end of it, there’s a second card, which asks viewers to join his email list and get three free songs in the process.

When you use a card to offer free content in exchange for an email signup, it helps potential customers learn more about you and what you have to offer, whether it’s music, education or something else.

#3: Promote Related Material

Videos are great for building your status as an authority.

Develop a video to showcase your expertise or further educate your viewers, then include a YouTube card that leads your audience to related material. This can be a transcription, checklist, infographic, SlideShare or downloadable PDF with detailed instructions or additional ideas, relating to the subject of the video.

In the “What Colour Is This Dress?” video, AsapSCIENCE’s video card features the About page for their book, along with links to purchase it.

youtube card example

Add a video card that leads your audience to more information.

A card that promotes related material, whether free or paid, is an effective incentive that drives viewers back to your website for more detailed content.

#4: Get New Clients

If you don’t have a physical or digital product to sell, use YouTube videos to showcase your knowledge and personality. Then use YouTube cards to promote consulting or coaching sessions to those who need further guidance.

Topics that are more complex will have viewers commenting with additional questions for your business. While you may be able to answer many of them through YouTube comments, some could require additional insights.

Create a follow-up video answering common questions. The accompanying YouTube card should lead them back to a page on your website with information on how to hire you.

To sweeten the deal, include a unique discount code in the text of your card. That way, you’ll be able to identify the origin those referrals.

#5: Sell Your Products

In addition to educational and entertainment content for your audience, share YouTube videos with cards that directly promote your products.

One way to do this is to create and publish a series of short videos that give your viewers a sample of who you are. You can also create videos that explain what you are selling, whether it’s snippets of a book, how to use your product (infomercial-style) videos or portions of a training program. Then, include a YouTube card that promotes the full product, as well as the link and call to action to buy it.

youtube card example

Directly promote your products with YouTube cards.

For example, Jeff Walker uses YouTube cards to promote his business. Jeff’s card drives viewers back to his website to learn about the product. In order to get more information, however, readers have to opt-in to his email list. This gives him an opportunity to educate new viewers and also upsell other offerings.

YouTube cards can be used to directly or indirectly promote your business, while educating and entertaining your audience. Spend enough time perfecting them, and it’s possible you can do all of the above.

Over to you

Creating YouTube videos is a fun and easy way to connect with your audience. YouTube cards can help you maintain that connection, grow your audience and eventually increase sales.

They’re a less obtrusive way to promote your products and services, along with your related video content. Experiment with different types of YouTube cards to promote your business, products and services till you find the ones that work for you.

When used properly, YouTube cards can have a profound impact across every aspect of your business.

What do you think? Do you use YouTube cards? What do you use them for? Which types of cards do you find are the most effective? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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