We all know that a great website owes its traffic to blog posts. But what does it take to create a perfect blog that draws much attention from your readers? Let’s unravel the anatomy of a powerful blog post and detail how each part could dramatically transform your online marketing tools and strategies.

#1 Use Photos

Articles that include images are almost twice as much to get more attention as those with pure texts only. In other words, photos feed our thirst for visual information. It also helps us understand the story or concept of what the writer tries to convey. In addition, images also offer us a few seconds of break before we continue reading on.

The importance of images is never better highlighted than on e-commerce websites. Analysts argue that customers will more likely buy a product if they get a good look at its features visually, that is, through the use of images. As a blogger, it is very important to include photos of your topic to draw more traffic to your article.

#2 Keep Your Sentences Short and Simple

True, your eagerness to make a very powerful blog may lead you to try some ways just to get your gears turning. But sometimes, overdoing something, and in this case, expressing your ideas with the most complex and hardly understandable fluffy words could be the weakest points of your writing.

In this age, the simplest words, phrases, and even the shortest sentence attract more readers from across a wide range of demographics and educational background. In addition, creating a conversational tone in your blog would spark an interactive atmosphere that would lead to more comments down your article.

#3 Use the Power of Social Media

With the soaring popularity of social media, many experts agree that in the future, e-commerce websites will become a redundant online marketing system. Whether the same holds true for blog sites remains uncertain. But that only goes to show that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become very popular. So, ignoring them will most likely kill your article by not maximizing its visibility to potentially thousands or millions of readers. Sharing them on social media sites will get the readers to share them to the rest of the world especially when they find your blog posts very engaging.

#4 Be Controversial

Now let’s talk about write-ups that are very engaging. Every once in a while, writing about your opinions and ideas that go against popular thought would definitely fill your comment section with a very lively discussion. But make sure that what you write does not compromise other people’s safety, reputation and security, carefully following proper etiquette in article writing.

Ultimately, your controversial posts might divide the views of your readers, but the end result is that you get much traffic to your website. After all, whether or not you make a very polarizing post, your ideas will always reap some levels of criticism in one way or the other, no matter how safely written it is.

#5 Lead Your Readers

Do you intend to sell a product? Or, perhaps, do you just want to get your thoughts across thousands of readers online? Imperative statements, otherwise dubbed as call-to-action phrases, guide your leaders to do what you want them to do after reading your blog. Get them to click on the link to your e-commerce platform, watch a video, or sign up for your daily dose of newsletter. CTAs are a very powerful tool to help you meet your online marketing goals in the first place. Call your Digital Marketing Agency now.

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