If you stay relatively up to date with content marketing, social media posts are a must to boost your online visibility, reach out to more clients and close more sales. Every digital marketing agency knows this fact, and SEO services are just a part of the equation to boost traffic to your content.

If you still find yourself searching for the right direction in creating the perfect social media posts, here some handy tips for you.

Getting it Right With YouTube Posts

First things first: Make sure you have the catchiest title by spending extra time coming up with the most interesting and sometimes intriguing headlines. Also, it would be best to limit title’s length to just 70 characters for better search results on YouTube. Also, make sure you use custom thumbnails, with the best size set at 1280×720. And maximize the use of keywords in the description and tags, without missing on the call-to-action statements to lead your customer.

Keep it Short and Simple With Twitter

Sharing your posts on Twitter is of course, a trickier one not only because of the limited characters you have — 140 characters — but also because you need to make sure you also leave some for retweets. You might also be tempted to sacrifice grammar and even omit some letters (e.g. using “ur” instead of your), but such deliberate lapses could compromise your credibility as a business or someone of authority. And don’t forget the call to actions, by the way.

When using URLs, use bit.ly or goo.gl to leave more room for your posts, and use photos or videos too to get more attention from your target audience.

Facebook Posts

Share your stories and featured services on Facebook with the most engaging information with links to your blog or webpage. Again, the most creative posts get the most attention, so spend some time coming up with just the right words to get your readers to click on the link. Of course, a photo is a must, and make sure you take some time to reply to comments when necessary to give everyone an impression that you aren’t just a robot behind the social media posts. Lastly, make sure your posts are optimized for mobile viewing, as more readers tend to check social media on their smartphones.

Pin it!

Because Pinterest’s interface is vertically oriented, it is common sense to follow suit and make your photos in portrait mode. And because it’s all about the photos we pin, the most colorful and the brightest of all colors get the most attention. So, make sure you edit your photos and enhance those rather dull colors to boost your presence.


The Google+ interface is built much like Facebook’s, so make sure you get the headlines right with just about 60 characters or less. Make your statements too wordy and you’ll risk losing your reader’s interest. Make it too short and you might not effectively get your ideas across to your audience. In other words, it’s choosing the right words to post at the right context and at the right time. Don’t forget to tag brands and people, and make sure you add links and photos too.

We may have rounded up these best practices for you. But keep yourself updated with the ever changing rules of social media for you to get ahead of the game. Better yet, you might consider entrusting your online presence to an Internet marketing Agency that does all the job for you — from web design to SEO services to managing your social media accounts. This leaves all the burden online marketing to a reliable third party, and let you free up more time to improve the quality of your business.

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