Effective Sales and Marketing Techniques

Sales and MarketingThe best sales and marketing techniques will vary depending upon your business and industry. However, if you answer these five questions for your customers you’ll be well on your way to a sales and marketing plan that really works for you.

What makes you different from everyone else?

different from everyone elseWhy should the customer go with you rather than your competitor down the street or next in the search results? What’s your (USP) unique selling proposition? Maybe your product is especially well-tailored for a certain niche, or you offer customization options such as different colours and materials.

Let’s face it though – sometimes your product is pretty much the same as your competitors’. If this is the case, you’ll have to stand out through your service or your mission.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your company values and mission statementto give you an edge over your competition.

For instance, if you donate a certain portion of your profits to charity, talk about it. Not to congratulate yourself, but to share your values. For example, if animal rescue is important to you, you could have a feature on your website showcasing animals who are up for adoption at your local shelter.

Customers who share your values will want to support your company.

(WIIFM) What’s in it for me?

We human beings are, by and large, a selfish lot. Don’t make the mistake of promoting your product’s features. You may be very proud of them – say your widgets undergo a special process that makes them twice as sturdy as anything else of the market. You probably want to shout about it from the rooftops.

Unfortunately, most people don’t care.

They do care that your widget won’t fall apart and let them down just when they need it most. When you’re designing your advertising campaign, you should know what your customers want and need, how they think (WIIFM). That way you can highlight how using your products and services will benefit them. Make those benefits the centrepiece of your marketing message.

(CTA) Call to Action, What do I need to do?

Call to ActionOnce you’ve attracted your customers through your unique selling proposition and sold them on the benefits of your product, give them a call to action.Tell them what you want them to do and make it easy to follow through. Print your phone number at the bottom of each brochure with the message, “Call today for a free consultation.” On your website, have your live chat feature and/or email address prominently displayed, together with your call to action, on every page.

Why should I act right away?

Maybe your customer is interested in your product, but not quite ready to buy. Give them a reason to start a relationship with you.

You don’t want to come across as pushy; just make them a ‘no-brainer offer’ – an offer so tempting that accepting it doesn’t require any thought at all.

Your offer should add value to your customers’ lives without emptying your bank account. “Get our FREE —-,” is a classic. Think of freebies your customers would enjoy, and try to vary them periodically.

You can also offer discounts, but then you run the risk of attracting customers who are only in it for the low price and will move on once they’ve used the coupon. A better way of using discounts is as a reward for loyalty. For instance, you can send coupons on a customer’s birthday or anniversary.

Raving Fans — I love it! How can I spread the word?

Raving FansMany of your happy customers will become raving fans and are the best brand advocates you could ask for. Even if you have the best marketing money can buy, customers are still more likely to listen to their peers.

Ask for testimonials and display them on your website and marketing materials. Maintain an active social media presence and give your customers the chance to leave reviews.

There is the chance that they’ll leave negative feedback, but think of it this way – at least now you have the chance to fix the problem. Would you rather they were talking about it out of earshot?

You’ll be able to show that you care and have good customer service. You’ll also gain a reputation for honesty and transparency. Unhappy customers who’ve had their issues resolved can be even bigger supporters than customers who’ve never had a problem.

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