Outsourcing: Changing Businesses, Changing Lives

Up to 80% increase in profitability

Outsourcing can completely transform the way you do business.

But, you will have to go through the learning curve as you figure out how to deal with workers from different cultures, not to mention the technical problems inherent in coordinating your staff across different countries and time zones.

However, with a little work and learning you can taste the benefits of outsourcing. It can make your business 30% to 80% more profitable, plus is has many other advantages as well.

Outsourcing gives you flexibility

The modern business landscape is notorious for sudden earthquakes that change it quickly and without warning.

A disruptor company with a radically new business model can leave entire industries unrecognizable overnight. If you can’t be the disruptor in your niche, the ability to tap dance on quicksand is a great skill to develop.

Having an outsourced workforce allows you to hire more people for less money, and (depending on time zones) have them work around the clock. It also means that you have access to radically different points of view that might stimulate creativity and originality in your team.

Take the weight off your staff’s shoulders

By the time your company hits a stress point, your in-house staff is probably already working to capacity. Putting more work on their plates will just lead to more stress, illness and burnout. They might even quit.

A virtual assistant who has been hired and trained with the proper care can pick up the load and let your Australian staff concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Once you understand working with outsourced workers you can hire as many as you need. (I don’t recommend hiring too many remote workers when you’re first starting out. Hire one good VA, get used to the process, and then branch out.)

Compete with the big boys

Outsourcing lets you hire talented copywriters, web designers and graphic artists who can make you a web site just as good as one belonging to a Fortune 500 company, on a budget that won’t empty your bank account. If you ever need to expand, for instance by adding new landing pages for new services, your virtual assistant can do that for you (provided you have been working with them as I’ve described in my previous articles).

An affordable way to get your personal time back

You might have become an entrepreneur because you have a passion for your business. Maybe you wanted to be your own boss, or you had a fantastic idea you wanted to develop.

There are a lot of reasons to start your own business, but having it take over your life so you never have any free time is probably not one of them.

Outsourcing non-critical tasks is a fantastic way to get your personal life back. Have a virtual assistant take care of the day-to-day work needed to keep your business flowing.

Your job is to manage their work and work on your business, not in your business Where do you want to be in five years’ time? How about twenty?

Outsourcing changes lives in emerging economies

Your job can be a lifesaver for some of your outsourced workers. Your Filipino VA might live outside of Metro Manila, where the economy tends to be stagnant with few good jobs available.

They might have issues, such as health conditions or children to take care of, that make them unsuitable for ‘normal’ careers. With a laptop and a reliable internet connection they can make a competitive wage while learning new skills.

Outsourcing not only transforms the way you do business, it can transform people’s lives.

I’ve been working with outsourced staff for years. If you’re ready to take the next step or have any questions about outsourcing, lets talk.

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