With prospects becoming increasingly internet savvy and information empowered with smart reach to the products and services it is now of critical concern to strongly position your brand among targeted cluster using all the possible marketing means. And most emergent of all means is Digital Marketing which has gained quintessential place in commercial world as it allows businesses to track their ROI more accurately. What it is? How can it be applied? What are its best practices? All such question pops up whenever we plan for any new digital marketing campaign. Here’s a short guide to help you find the answer to such questions.

Digital marketing means promoting of brand using all forms of electronic advertising means such as Radio ads, television ads, internet, mobile etc by application of platforms such as email, websites, mobile apps, and social networks. These platforms are categorized into non-internet and internet channels. Former includes T.V, Radio, SMS, etc and latter includes social media, mobile apps, websites, social media, emails & banner ads and various others. It’s a broader term than what the above platforms defines it. What’s not mentioned are RSS, Fax broadcast, blogging, podcasting, voice broadcast, video streaming and now did u get an idea? Those channels which does not provide instant feedback and report doesn’t come under digital marketing category. Through digital means one can collect data upon exact number of people who heard or saw your ads which in case of traditional media is still a long way to go.

Internet the Heart of Digital Marketing

When we say the term digital the very first thing that we can’t forget to mention is INTERNET which has come up as a strong communication and marketing medium. People are going online to fetch information on products, services, brands, or locations, or if they have any question or interacting on social platforms. Businesses are exploiting this medium by selling and advertising their products & services directly to the prospects. What not is sold or marketed over internet, take the name and you will find it on worldwide web network. It makes use of both push and pull marketing strategies to execute your online campaign. With its increasing popularity several digital marketing companies have came into existence. They encompasses digital marketing services like Online Banner Advertising, Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click, Search engine Optimization, SMO, EDM, Wireless text Messaging and Instant messaging, Blogging, Video Streaming, SEM on the broader side.

Benefits Delivered

  • Exceedingly customized, pertinent communications across all channels of engagement.
  • Enhanced campaign processes and performance
  • Ability to centralize around high pay-off channels and accurately measure and optimize marketing ROI.
  • Balanced comparison of marketing operations, programs and media spending.
  • Synergistic online marketing and offline interaction.
  • Provides better reach to existing and potential customers.

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