It seems like it was just yesterday that we were predicting rends for 2014 and here we are looking at 2015 already. How does the year go by so quickly? Well, in the world of online marketing, things are constantly changing and moving so it’s no wonder that time moves fast! We have compiled a few trends that we see emerging in digital marketing for the year 2015.

Content Continues to Reign

Content, content, content. You may be tired of hearing it, but it is not going anywhere and is the most important part of your marketing plan. If the content you are currently creating is mass-produced and you’re hoping it reaches someone, throw that practice out the window. Consumers are looking for authenticity when searching for information. They want to feel that what they are reading is relevant and inspiring to them. Its imperative that content is personalized to your audience. In all likelihood, they are coming looking for you, give them what they want and need. There are many software programs that allow you to track exactly what your customers are surfing for on the Internet and you can keep track of what they look for on your site and their purchase history. Tailor your message to them.

Ad Retargeting

Ad-retargeting is a simple way to keep your brand front and center with your consumer. It has gained in popularity throughout 2014 and it’s only going to continue to rise in the New Year. When consumers visit websites and browse products, cookies are stored in their browsers to track their history. Once they leave a particular site, the products or services they viewed will be shown again as ads on different websites. It keeps the product and that the top of their mind and creates familiarity with the brand. They were already looking at the product and it’s just an easy way to create exposure.

Mobile Marketing

You are probably reading this now on your mobile device. They are taking over how the world views the Internet, social media, e-mail and everything in between. There are even watches, fitness trackers and home appliances that interact with your mobile devices. Desktops will soon go the way of the typewriter. If you’re site isn’t mobile, you have to be for 2015 and you’ll lose business. This is such an €I want it now€ world, that if a potential customer goes to your site through their phone and you don’t have a mobile site, they’ll jump right to the next business and won’t come back to you. You have heard it before, but it’s time to act or really lose out.

Inbound Marketing is the Key to 2015

Content marketing will be the key to your digital marketing strategy. Consumers are very savvy, especially the millennials, and they are looking for inbound marketing to produce valuable and engaging content. They will tell you what they want. Listen and give it to them and by all means, go mobile! To put together a digital marketing campaign for your business, contact an online marketing company in Trinidad and Tobago.

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