With e-commerce gaining popularity and more customers resorting to the Internet for their purchases, a digital strategy is critical. As the normal life has gained pace, customers now prefer to conveniently shop from the comfort of their own homes, rather than spending hours on the streets moving from shop to shop. Thus, it has become essential for marketers to create an online presence for their company in order to capture a larger customer base.

Studies suggest that while most marketers claim to be engaging in digital marketing, they do not have a well-chalked out digital marketing strategy in place.

Why is it important to have a digital marketing strategy?

Clarity in destination: Without a vivid strategy in place, a company’s goals can be blurred. The number of customers one intends to capture or the business the company intends to achieve through digital media can remain unclear. Without an end goal in sight, drawing out the right route to success can be tough.

Knowing the customers: Marketers may not have a concise idea of online customers without proper research. A strategy based on research will enable marketers to understand their target customers, their qualities, behavior, likes and dislikes.

Lose the market: Companies with sound digital strategies and proper research could capture your target audience before you even have the chance.

Well-integrated: Digital marketing shows good results only when integrated with the traditional marketing methods. Thus, the digital marketing strategy must be in tune with other marketing methods. Marketers cannot just create a digital marketing strategy and sit back. It needs to be consistently monitored along with other marketing methods. Without a well-planned strategy, this can be very difficult.

Unnecessary duplication and waste: Without a clear strategy, marketers may come across duplication of the same work, which also means wasteful expenditures. Each marketer uses his own set of tools and strategies to conquer the web. Wasteful duplication can be avoided when a strategy is in place across the company.

Swiftness is the key to success: To have a great online presence, marketers must be agile and aware. “Once a customer, always a customer” may not hold true. Marketers who cannot hold their customers with continuous adaptations to market conditions face the risk of losing their customers to other agile marketers.

Know how to cash in: Most companies today have a well-designed website. Therefore, they have web analytic in place. However, the senior management may not understand the importance of using these analytic for their own benefit. Sometimes, they don’t even coordinate with their teams on this information. To streamline these activities, a sound digital marketing strategy is essential. Once the basic strategy is in place, marketers can make continuous improvements to the search engine optimization, email marketing and other digital tools.

From the above information, we understand that having a sound digital marketing strategy in place is definitely a must for companies attempting to capture an online audience. However, marketers may not understand all of the rules of the game.

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