business-bloggingAs promised, I’ll be sharing the rest of the tips on blogging on this post. Read on.

How to create a must-read blog

The web is full of bland content.

Yawn-inducing blog posts that keep rambling on.

Stock photography soooo unbelievably boring that you prefer the relaxing nothingness of white space.

To create a must-read blog, you need to stand for something. You need to become an authority in your field. You can’t simply rehash content and join the giant echo chamber of the web.

The following are the eight most important points to remember when building your authority:

  1. Have a strong opinion. True leaders aren’t afraid to tell you what they think.
  2. Cross out the buts, ifs, and maybes. Eliminate the phrase in my opinion — because it’s obvious it’s your opinion as you’ve written the post.
  3. Skip common sense and shallow list posts. Always add value. With every blog post you publish. With every paragraph you write.
  4. Stop worrying about giving stuff away for free. Write in-depth, tantalizing tutorials to give away your most valuable ideas — because that’s how you gain leads and win clients.
  5. Quote industry experts in your posts. It shows you know your field.
  6. Scrap jargon. Explain your ideas in simple words.
  7. Use examples and case studies. They show your in-depth understanding of a topic, and they liven up your content.
  8. Show up. Regularly. With quality content.

When you generously share your advice, potential clients will find your blog and buy your products.

How to keep your readers hooked week after week

Authority can be a little boring. It can even — when mishandled — bring on disaster. You don’t make friends by standing on a pedestal, lecturing people.

When you do that, you’re increasing the distance between you and your audience.

Keep readers captivated by energizing, motivating, and inspiring them. Be a good mentor.

  1. Empathize with your readers. Understand what they’re struggling with, and promise a solution to their problems.
  2. Don’t waste your most valuable tips with drab subheads. Write strong subheads that arouse curiosity, or promise a benefit to reading the next section.
  3. Allow readers to get to know you. Share tidbits of your life, but always remain focused on helping your readers.
  4. Sprinkle questions over your content. Because it makes readers feel you’re having a conversation.
  5. Inspire your readers with your close. Your final paragraph should overcome their objections to implementing your ideas.
  6. Treat your readers like dogs. (In a nice way!) Reward them with a cookie — or useful tip — in each of your blog posts. Be generous.
  7. Learn how to get your ideas humming around in your reader’s head. You do this by writing memorable sound bites.
  8. Create a unique voice. You want readers to come back to “hear” you … and they should miss you when you’re not there.

When your posts lack personality, you become a me-too blogger. You become easily interchangeable with any other blogger in your field.

Seduce your blog readers with your unique voice. That’s how you gain a raving audience.

How to spread your ideas

Creating a blog to win customers is not like traditional selling.

You’re not asking for a sale; you’re starting a conversation. Your blog can help you win customers, but don’t expect to win sales just by writing a few posts.

Use these six tactics to grow your readership and spread your ideas:

  1. Start an email list. Over time, your email list will drive the most traffic to your blog.
  2. Warm up new subscribers. You do this with an autoresponder series. Build relationships and bond with your readers by emailing more frequently when they sign up.
  3. Write short emails. Encourage readers to click through to your posts. Highlight a problem they recognize, and promise a solution in your blog post.
  4. Optimize your posts for SEO. Said another way, optimize your content for discovery and conversion. That’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?
  5. Create a social sharing checklist. Here’s how. Engage your audience on your favorite social platforms. Don’t try to be everywhere.
  6. Guest blog to grow your audience. Because it’s the quickest way to raise your profile and gain an audience.

The truth about business blogging

You can work hard to polish your blog posts. To drive people to your blog. To generate SEO traffic. To boost social media shares.

But the key to your business blogging success remains: Have ideas that are worth spreading.

Don’t be afraid to be different.

Don’t be afraid to be opinionated.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Let your personality shine through and write with passion. That’s how you woo your readers and win business.

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