Are you a Problem Solver using WIIFM?

WIIFMIn business today, your primary goal is to be a problem solver and applying WIIFM as the central theme.


What is WIIFM?

WIIFMWIIFM is the acronym for What’s In It For Me?
In every transaction your customer is asking this question about your product or service.
In fact, you’re doing right now, your reading this and deciding if the article will be beneficial to you and your business and rightly so.

Are you a Problem Solver?

Problem SolverCombined with WIIFM, your customer wants to know if you are going to solve their problem or need
They are not interested in all the usual marketing clichés stating, “how wonderful I am,” or all the usual promises of, “how great a job I will do for you.”
It just doesn’t work anymore! (if it ever did?)


The WIIFM Questions

WIIFM They want to know, “can you solve my problem or need?
And I have learnt that it can be broken down into 5 simple questions that you must answer in every transaction.

1. Who are you?
2. Can I trust you?
3. Is your product/service any good?
4. What is your after sales service like?
5. What proof do you have to your claims?

If you answer these 5 simple questions in every transaction your sales will exceed your expectations like you never thought possible.

I have been applying these 5 sales and marketing principles for over 40 years now and they work in any industry

You can learn and apply them too

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