Marketing Strategies that Will Help Increase Sales

Some digital marketing experts estimate that the average resident of an industrialized country sees between 4,000 and 10,000 marketing messages a day. Modern advertising can seem like a war between corporations and consumers, with adblocking software on one side and increasingly sophisticated marketing techniques on the other.

How do you stand out in that kind of environment?

You need to make a marketing plan with targeted messages,and the first thing you need to do is create a clear idea of your target market.

Who is your ideal customer?

Create a buyer persona

Buyer personasare detailed representations of your customer segments. Personas are described just as if they were real people.They have names, hobbies, jobs, families, interests, and goals.You know their age, sex, race, socio-economic level, and favourite colour.A reliable persona will give you an idea of where they hang out in real life and online.

You can createthemas your ideal customers, as well as your ‘anti-customers’ (those who are not suited to your product, too likely to churn, or more trouble than they’re worth). It’s also a good idea to have personas for prospects and referrals – any group of people to whom you want to market your product or service to.

Having a good selection of personas helps you think of your customers as real people, not just vague clusters of characteristics. You can have empathy for them and tailor your message to resonate in a way it never would without that personal connection.

Make a list of benefits

Now that you know who you’re dealing with, you can make a list of the benefits your product or service can bring them. What are your customers ‘pain points’? What problems do they expect your product to solve?

Identify your competitive advantage

What can you do for your customer that your competition can’t? Can you give them better service, more options, or more convenience? Is your product easier to use? Your personas will be a big help here. Maybe you have a car detailing business and your customers work during the day. This is your cue to offer an in-the-field service that visits them at their office to detail their car while they work, or a pick up and return service.

Build a relationship with your customers

Social media provides fantastic opportunities to talk to your customers. Marketing today isn’t about broadcasting hard-sell advertising messages to anyone who will listen.

Nowadays you need to add value to your customers’ lives. You can write articles or blog posts that give them important, educational or interesting information, or maybe just entertain them. Focus your efforts on inbound and content marketing – using your message to attract people to you.

You can personalize your content to attract precisely the people you want, rather than buying a TV or magazine ad, which will reach (and possibly annoy) thousands of people who have no interest in your product.

Be where your customers are

It’s a good idea to have a presence in all social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube – but especially those that are of interest to your customers. For instance, if your customers are interior designers, you should have a captivating and easy-to-navigate Pinterest presence. If your ideal customers are corporate executives, concentrate on LinkedIn. Regardless of who your customers are, well-crafted videos never go amiss and with smartphones they never been easier to create.

When you understand your customers on a personal level you can tailor your marketing message to catch their interest. You’ll know what they need from you, so you can highlight your competitive advantage. With content that adds value to their lives on their favourite social media outlets you can build trust and relationships that guarantee sales over the long term.

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