Want an easy reference to Facebook’s many marketing features? Are you a Facebook marketer? In this article I’ll share helpful links to Facebook shortcuts to get the most out of your Facebook pages, ads and groups. Thanks to Kristi Hines for writing this article.

reference guide for facebook marketer

Discover a quick reference guide for Facebook marketers.

Manage Your Account Settings

You can access all of your Facebook account settings here. Be sure that you regularly check your privacy settings and timeline and tagging settings, and review apps that have permission to access your Facebook account.

facebook account settings menu

Regularly review your Facebook account settings.

Edit Your Follower Settings

Go to your follower settings to open up your Facebook profile to allow people to follow you and see your public updates. Also grab the Follow button to grow your audience on your website.

facebook followers settings menu

Edit your follower settings to allow users to follow you.

View Your Messages Inbox

You can access your messages inbox here. Don’t miss the Other link in the top left of your inbox–this is effectively your spam folder for Facebook messages.

If you get business inquiries through your personal profile, you may find that some have landed in this inbox. Click the Edit Preferences link and change to Basic Filtering if this is a problem for your business.

facebook messages settings menu

Select Basic Filtering if you’re getting some business-related messages through your personal profile.

Also note that there is an actual Spam folder under the More drop-down menu, where you might find a few more legitimate messages.

View Saved Items

When you start saving links, videos, places, music, books, movies, TV shows and events, you can find them again on your Saved page.

facebook saved items

Go to the Saved page to see all of the items you’ve saved on Facebook.

See Your Activity Log

Find your profile’s username (facebook.com/

[username]) and insert it into this link: https://www.facebook.com/[username]/allactivity. This page shows your latest activity on Facebook. It includes items you need to review to display on your timeline, as well as every like, comment and share you’ve made throughout Facebook with your personal profile.

facebook activity tab

View all of your Facebook activity on the Activity Log.

View Your Events

All of your events are listed on the Events page, including events you’re going to or invited to, events you’ve saved, popular events in your network and upcoming birthdays. You can also go directly to the birthdays calendar to see upcoming birthdays.

facebook events tab

See a list of events and birthdays on the Events page.

See a List of Your Groups

To view the groups you manage and belong to in one list, go to the Browse Groups page. You can edit settings for groups you manage, change notification settings and leave groups. Facebook also suggests groups for you based on topic, friends and location. To create a new group from here, click the Create Group button.

facebook groups tab

The Groups page lists the groups you manage and groups you’ve joined.

Create or Choose an Interests List

Create an interests list to follow public updates for your favorite people and updates from pages, similar to how you would use a Twitter list. Alternatively, choose from popular lists created by others.

facebook interests suggestions

Create a list for the content you’re interested in.

Create a Facebook Page

Ready to start a new Facebook page for a person, business, product, book or another entity? You can create a page here by choosing a category and then following the prompts to complete your new page.

facebook page category menu

Choose a category for your new page.

See All of Your Pages

To see all of the pages you’ve created or manage, go to your Pages bookmarks. You can find suggested pages to like and a list of pages you’ve been invited to like here.

facebook pages tab

See a complete list of pages you’ve created or manage.

Access App, Page and Domain Insights

Find links to insights from all of your apps, pages and domains on the Platform Insights page.

facebook insights tab

Access all of your app, page and domain insights on one page.

Create an Ad

Start here to create a new ad by selecting your ad campaign objective and then following the prompts to complete your ad.

facebook ad setup menu

Choose an objective for your ad campaign.

Set Up Custom Audiences and Conversion Tracking

Create custom audiences in the Audience Manager and set up conversion tracking for your website for better Facebook ad campaigns.

facebook conversion tracking report

Set up a conversion-tracking pixel for your website.

Access Audience Insights

See Audience Insights for everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page or people with specific interests to learn how to target your ads.

facebook audience insights data

Improve your targeting with Audience Insights.

Use Power Editor

Advanced Facebook advertisers can use Power Editor to create Facebook ads.

facebook power editor

Use Power Editor to create and manage Facebook ads.

View Privacy Policies

Learn about Facebook privacy and how Facebook uses your personal data in their Data Policy guidelines.

facebook privacy guidelines center

Get up to speed on Facebook’s privacy guidelines.

Get Help

Search for answers to your questions in the Facebook Help Center or ask others in the Help Community. You can also refer to this guide to find contact forms for various support requests.

facebook help center

Find answers in the Facebook Help Center or Help Community.


I hope you find this list of Facebook shortcuts and resources useful.

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Find shortcuts to helpful how-to articles like How to Make the Most of Facebook Mobile Ads in our Essential Facebook Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide. Image: Placeit.

What do you think? Are you a Facebook marketer? Do you have any favorite shortcuts or tips you’d like to share? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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