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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Do you want to make personal connections with your customers on social media? Interested in better ways to address their wants and needs? The key to engaging with your audience on a more personal level is to focus on the right customer, at the right time [Read more]

May 15th, 2015|Blog, Marketing, social media|0 Comments

Pinterest Set to Surge in 2016: New Research

Is Pinterest part of your social marketing mix? Are your customers on Pinterest? Research reveals that there are 47 million people using Pinterest and the audience is expected to grow. In this article you’ll discover the most recent insights from industry experts on Pinterest’s potential as [Read more]

May 14th, 2015|Blog, Pinterest, social media|0 Comments

How to Create Social Media Images That Connect With Your Audience

Are you sharing visual content on social media? Do your images stand out? Creating and curating clever visual content can engage your audience on a personal level. The more consumers relate to you and your company, the more likely they will invest in your social media [Read more]

May 13th, 2015|Blog, social media|0 Comments

How to Use Facebook Advanced Location Targeting for More Engagement

Do you advertise on Facebook? Looking for ways to get your ads in front of the right people? With Facebook, you can set up location ad targeting for a specific address. You can then refine that audience to people who live in, have recently been to [Read more]

May 13th, 2015|Blog, facebook, social media|0 Comments

Quick Reference Guide for Facebook Marketer

Want an easy reference to Facebook’s many marketing features? Are you a Facebook marketer? In this article I’ll share helpful links to Facebook shortcuts to get the most out of your Facebook pages, ads and groups. Thanks to Kristi Hines for writing this article. Discover [Read more]

May 12th, 2015|Blog, facebook, Internet Marketing, Marketing, social media|0 Comments

Facebook Native Ad Tools: This Week in Social Media

What's the latest buzz in social media? To help you stay up to date with social media, I'd like to share the latest edition of what's hot in social media news by Cindy King. Read on. What’s New This Week? Facebook Introduces Native Ad Tools: Facebook [Read more]

May 11th, 2015|Blog, facebook, social media, Training|0 Comments

How to Partner With Influencers for Social Media Giveaways

Do you run giveaways using social media? Have you considered partnering with an influential blogger? Working with the right blogger for a giveaway drives sales and grows brand awareness for your products or services. In this article you’ll discover how to partner with influencers for a [Read more]

May 7th, 2015|Blog, social media|0 Comments
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