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Step 1: Preliminary Research – Return On Your Investment

The first thing I want to do is make sure that my team and I

Can Give You a ROI Return On Your Investment

If my team can’t increase Your Sales and Profit, we won’t take you on as a client, this is about helping you grow your business. it’s simple, we don’t want your hard earned cash if we can’t help you get More Leads, More Sales and Higher Profits

We will do a FREE Independent Audit (Valued at $497.00) of your online presence and industry, and we do this by asking you to fill out our Online Audit Form and from that information,

  • We will check out the online search enquiry
  • How many people search for your type of product or service each month,
  • What terms and phrases are your buyers using when they search online
  • Your competition, are they asleep?
  • How well are they using the internet as a marketing tool

From our research,

We will provide you with a Comprehensive Report and an indication of the likely results you should expect from our “Hold Your Hand—All Done For You” Digital Marketing Services.

Step 2: My Outrageous Twelve Months Money Back GUARANTEE

If we are absolutely convinced that we can give you a No Risk To You Guaranteed Return On Your Investment and back it up with our 12 Months Money Back Guarantee, we will offer you our Exclusive Territory and Marketing Rights to all our services and make the promise that we won’t work with your competitors

Step 3: What Makes Your Business Tick?

Business TickOkay, you’re ready to go, you want to be the No. 1 Consumer Choice in Your Industry in Your Region, you want truckloads of buyers predisposed to buying from you.

Unlike most Digital Service Companies, we see this a “partnership” and to make your business successful we first need to understand how it works, why it works, and what makes it tick?

As a marketing company our goal is to create a marketing strategy that causes buyers to become predisposed toward buying from you instead of your competitors.

So we will set up a time with you and ask you lots of questions about your business,

  • The type of work or services do you provide
  • Your customers
  • What motivates them to buy?
  • What needs do you fill?
  • What makes your business unique?

Yes every business has its own unique features, the problem is the average Business Owner is usually too close to the business to see them.

Plus, we want to “get inside your head”, your business, plus identify your client’s fears, aspirations etc.

And this becomes the backbone of our sales and marketing campaigns and strategies that are uniquely tailored to your business.

What Are Your Buyers Asking For?

Our next step is to do a very detailed search analysis to discover what major keyword search terms and trends your clients are typing into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. this will help us to match your marketing message to your buyers needs

(this is a sample screen shot, for confidential reasons we cannot display here our full analysis)

Keyword Research

Design that sells

Step 5: Our Design Team and Programmers begin to design and build your Emotional Direct Response Marketing web site, this includes the design of your YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other associated Social Media that we will use in your marketing campaigns

Responsive Marketing Sites

Responsive Sites

All our websites are designed to work and be visible on all online platforms, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, your buyers will have full access.

responsive websites

Compelling words on paper

Step 6: Our Copy Writing team begin to write the content for your web site, the information we place on the web site is based on the questionnaire you completed and the keyword search results that indicates what words your buyers are using when they are searching online for your type of product or service.

The aim is to match the message to the market, to answer every possible question your buyer may have in the buying process, remember, we are branding YOU as The EXPERT in your niche, the “Go To” person, if we can successfully answer all the questions or objections, the buyer will buy online or be predisposed to buying from you when they make contact with you.

perfect seo copywriter

Videos That Sell For You 24/7

Step 7: Is very much integrated with step 6, because video is an important component of our marketing campaigns and web site design, and as soon as possible we will do a *on-site video shoot of your business, create a video template with music, images and with a clear call to action.

Video is a great way to educate your buyers about the features and benefits of your products and services, plus it helps to build trust and relationship, it is a great educational tool and keeps your potential buyers on your web site longer.

Every month, we will create up to 25 x 30 second videos for you and post them on your web site and multiple video sites. Plus we teach you how to shoot effective videos and much, much more.

video that sell

You Have Your Own Ghost Writer

ghost writerStep 8: By now you will been assigned your very own Ghost Writer (the majority of books today are done by ghost writers) who will be gathering information from yourself and other sources.

The articles written are about your business, your industry, market trends happening in your industry, positive customer feedback, testimonials, awards or achievements and any information that will be useful to your potential buyers that indirectly will influence them to buy from you.

Every two weeks (twice a month) your ghost writer will create two 600 word articles and post them to multiple web sites.

Your ghost writer will uniquely create the articles to avoid spamming rules and passes the online screening rules to allow such articles to be posted at the different websites.

Your Online Marketing Platform is Ready

Step 9: Okay, your marketing platform is now in place, your website is completed, YouTube Channel, Facebook Fan Page, Google+, Google Local, LinkedIn, all the other marketing channels are ready to go, now is the time when our SEO team begin their online campaign to have you ranked on the first page of the various online channels.

We have a proven formula that works using ethical and Search Engine compliant regulations. We only use what is termed as White Hat strategies.

online marketing platform

Social Media Marketing and Management

social marketingStep 10: begins at the same time as step 9, you have a dedicated SMM Team who will post one article daily on the various Social Media Sites we use. (this changes with the market trends)

Bi-Weekly Transparent Performance Reporting System

Step 11: At the end of each fortnight you will receive an in-depth performance report. This report will give you an accurate analysis of the behaviour of your potential buyers. And your account manager will be available to discuss this with you. The following is a partial sample of what you will receive.

performance reporting system

Value Added Services

We also

  • Work with you on online and offline marketing campaignson and off marketing campaigns
  • Add live chat to your web site once it is operationallive chat
  • Design “interactive” business cards with a maximum of 2 new business card designs per month
    ISME Business Cards
    AAA Business Cards
  • Marketing and technical templates – we will provide QR Codes, SMS text tactics and marketing and technical custom built templates that will give you the ability to combine online and offline marketing strategies to create an interactive presence in your offline advertisingQR codes
  • Unlimited email addresses
    unli email
  • Access to a members only section that will provide marketing and Business Coaching support
    unlimited email
  • Access to Monday Minute, a weekly mini Business Coaching to assist you in your online conversation
    monday minute
  • Access to Daily Inspirations
  • Weekly Conference with your Nominated Marketing Manager
  • Comprehensive End of Month Performance Report
  • At the end of each month your nominated account manager will contact you via a Skype (or similar method) Conference Call and discuss the End Of Month Report and any upcoming events, promotions, campaigns, new products and any changes to the current marketing campaigns for the following month
  • You have full access to our ongoing sales and marketing Business Coaching and support
  • Full technical and support

The online world is constantly changing and we are constantly upgrading your online business to the latest online marketing innovations, techniques and strategies.