Who Are You Going to Believe 1Who Are You Going to Believe?

It’s not enough to insist that you are a trustworthy honest person, possessed of so much integrity that you would never contemplate ripping anybody off!

You can proclaim you’re honest all you like, but what does that prove?

Instead, assume that every statement, every claim or promise, every assertion and every fact, will at best be questioned, at worst disbelieved.

Back up Every Statement You Make

Here are the six main ways to back up every statement you make on your website.

Who Are You Going to Believe 21. Testimonials
Here’s an example testimony from Kathryn Parsons at the Comfort Inn.



Who Are You Going to Believe 32. Bold Guarantees
This image is a screenshot of our guarantee.

We guarantee your return on your investment, back it up with our 12 months money back guarantee.




Who Are You Going to Believe 43. Bank Statements
Provide clear evidence




Who Are You Going to Believe 54. Scientific Data




Who Are You Going to Believe 65. Before and After Photographs
Here’s Ferntree Gully’s before and after photo. You can see that the before photo looks terrible.

The after photo works on every platform. So we’re letting this stuff speak as evidence of what we’re doing.



Who Are You Going to Believe 76. Historic Data




In Summary:

The most powerful selling weapon you’ll ever have is proof that what you say is TRUE! Your overall strategy is to engage the shopper and answer every possible question or doubt they may have about you, your products and services.

So it is not only important that you are on the front page of Google, but you build trust and relationship with your client.

And clear proof to back up every claim you make

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