How to Overcome Sales Resistance on Your Website

buyer-psychologyI’ve covered some of this in the previous video, but your goal is to eliminate fear of loss and increase hope for gain.

People don’t buy things, they buy the pleasure, they buy the dream. The key to your success is paint the dream and eliminate any emotional fears the buyer has.

Your potential buyers are looking for answers to their problems, they want reassurance, they’re looking for someone to help them make a decision.

How to Understand the Buying Psychology of Your Customer

In your own mind, think about your business in this manner, what are the commonly asked questions, if you reflect on the questions your customers commonly ask you will identify what they’re looking for and what their fears and concerns are

By answering their fears and painting the dream, the buyer will go from fear of loss to hope for gain.

psychologyYou must get inside your customer’s head and understand their fears, their concerns, their doubts.
The next question you need to ask yourself about your buyer is;

What is their main motivation to buy? You need to understand what they are

  • Is it love,
  • greed,
  • guilt,
  • fear
  • or pride?

They’re the main primary drivers

Wealth creation can come into the greed factor, just have a look at the vast number of “how to get rich” schemes, What’s the motivation behind that?  Greed.

What about Pride? Pride can be a primary driver in the buying decision to buy a motor vehicle, does a $90,000 Mercedes-Benz do any better job than a $30,000 brand X as basic transport? It doesn’t really but there’s prestige and pride? You need to identify the primary drivers that are relevant for your customers

overcome sales resistanceBe a Problem Solver

People are looking for solutions, not a salesperson, you’re a problem solver. people looking for solutions. “I’ve this situation I want to solve; can you provide the solutions for my problem?”

Your customer is looking for someone to help them make a decision, they don’t want to be sold to, nobody wants to be sold to, they want to buy of someone who can solve their problem

People don’t buy things, they buy pleasure, the dream and they want to know how much you know and they want to know how much you care.

Build Trust and Relationship

overcome sales resistance trustIt is important to build trust and relationship, engage your consumer, answer every question they have about your products and services,

It’s not just about being on the front page of Google if you’re not building trust and relationship with your readers your online presence won’t convert shoppers to buyers.

I call it the “Road to a Sale,” it’s taking the consumer by the hand and overcoming every fear, doubt and objection.

overcome sales resistance-road-to-a-sale-online

It’s a step-by-step process closing one objection as a time. It’s about building trust and relationship to a tipping point where the buyer is predisposed to buy from you. It is the ability to guide people to a conclusion where they choose to buy from you

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