How to Write Great Website Copy

This is Emotional Direct Response Marketing (EDRM). Tactics

How to Write Great Website Copy 11. Talk first person as though in front of you

2. Identify the problem, compassion, know, feel
Some customer service would often say “I know how you feel” and oftentimes it’s just upfront but as a business, we got to be careful that we don’t slam them our customers. Show compassion.

3. Aggravate the problem— provoke action

How to Write Great Website Copy 24. Provide solution—this will fix problem
This is where we’re talking about branding yourself as an authority and you provide solution.

5. Answer every doubt, concern, fear

6. Be the logical choice/solution to problem

How to Write Great Website Copy 37. Relevant proof – back up every claim
This is where the testimonies and the evidence come in.

8. One CTA per page–above the fold
How to Write Great Website Copy 4Have a clear call to action because they want to be taken by the hand because nothing is more frustrating when you’re looking around and you can’t find what you want.
Customers have a problem and they’re coming to your website for a solution.

9. No Brainer Offer— remove risk to buyer

How to Write Great Web Site Copy

1. Benefit headline

2. Stand out from crowd

3. Relevant proof –for every claim

4. One CTA per page–above the fold

5. No Brainer Offer—even for Opt In
How to Write Great Website Copy 5The opt-in is a form for capturing visitor information. It could be “get your free report” or whatever you want to offer in exchange for their personal information (e.g. name and email address).

6. Be enthusiastic–without hype
Sit down and talk to your client with enthusiasm. Imagine he is in front of you and your passion flows out.

7. Write the way you speak

8. Avoid jargon—“inner circle” wording
Don’t use the terminology that’s within your industry. You got to talk as though they’ve never heard of your business ever before, talking simple language.

How to Write Great Website Copy 69. Double Readership Path–for skim readers

  • Headline
  • Sub Heading
  • Captions under videos
  • Bullet Points

All of the points discussed above is about the road to a sale.

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