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  • Get More Leads
  • More Sales
  • More Profit

PLUS – let me state right up front, unlike most advertising or marketing companies.


12 Months Money BackThis is My Outrageous 12 Months Guarantee!!

We Guarantee you a Return On Your Investment and back it up with our 12 months Money Back Guarantee

In fact, I am so confident that if you follow our instructions, supply us the raw materials and if after 12 months you have not covered your financial outlay in gross profit from the results of sales by our Hold Your Hand All Done For You Marketing Services. I will give you a FULL REFUND!!!

We are in the business of Helping You Make Money, we are not in the business of taking your money!


You advertise because you want more sales—but time and time again I see Small Business Owners waste hundreds and thousands of hard earned dollars on institutional marketing-just hoping to hell that it might work

And I know how that feels because in the past I have done that too, so when I started this company I looked at all the things I hated about advertising and what I would like an advertising company to do for me

And this is what I have come up with, this is my wish list of what I would like an advertising company to do for me and these are my seven promises to you:

  1. Return On Investment – we will only take you on as a client if we know that we can give you a Significant ROI – Our Business is all about helping you get More Traffic and More Sales.
  2. We Guarantee Our Results – never seen anyone that I advertised with do that!
  3. Money Back Guarantee — if after 12 months you have not covered our Digital Marketing Services with an increase in gross profit we will give you a FULL REFUND
  4. Exclusive Geographical boundaries – we won’t work with your competitors.
  5. Exclusive Rights – to all our Marketing Services within your pre-agreed Territory in Your Industry.
  6. No Fixed Contracts – cancel anytime, if you don’t think that we are giving you value for money, simply give us 30 days’ notice.
  7. One Low Monthly Subscription Fee – one simple flat rate fee paid each month.

We Dont Need A Sales Team On The Road Anymore

Anthony Failla – Mountain Harvest Foods


I am not asking you to spend more money

12 Months Money BackIf you currently have an advertising budget, I am not asking you to spend more money – I am asking you to reallocate some of your hard earned advertising dollars into a marketing campaign that will give you better and guaranteed returns.

Guaranteed Return On Investment – we won’t promise you the world and then give you an atlas

But first let’s talk about your customers, because this really about your customers buying from you

Don’t Make This Mistake!

Most Business Owners (and techie type web site companies) make the mistake of creating their online presence purely as information and not a sales focussed process – make no mistake, your lookers will become shoppers and then buyers predisposed to buying from you if you present your information correctly and in a logical sequence.

People Buy Online and will Buy Online from You if you market Your Business Correctly

The Psychology Of Your Buyer When They Visit You Online

When your buyer begins the buying process, it’s almost like they have a set of scales in their mind and they are weighing up each decision they make, and they are subconsciously asking themselves questions like,

“Who are you?”
“Can I trust you?”
“Is your product or service any good?”
“Will it solve my problem?”
“What is after sales service like?”

And it can be summed up in this simple diagram

At the beginning of the sales process “Fear of Loss” outweighs “Hope for Gain” and your goal is to provide enough information and evidence that your products and services that “Hope for Gain” outweighs “Fear of Loss”

Hope for Gain - Fear of Loss

And to achieve this you need to understand what I call the

Road To A Sale Process

The Road to a Sale Process is simply answering all your buyers questions, needs and wants, eliminating Fear of Loss and creating Hope for Gain in a logical sequence


Most business owners still have what I call a Traditional Advertising Mind Set, “let’s stick up some basic information on our web site like we do with our ads in the paper, Radio, TV etc. Get them to call us and get them in and we will sell them our stuff!.”

If you want to be really successful online you must understand that the Road To A Sale.

Now happens online and this simple diagram explains the process

Road To A Sale

Every Buyer Is Different

Some people needs lots of information to make a decision and others don’t need a lot, your first time visitor may already be well down the “Road to a Sale” journey and don’t need a whole lot more information to buy

Whatever the case may be for them, you must create a full and comprehensive online presence that will answer everyone’s questions, your goal should be that all the information they may need for your product or services is answered on your web site, if you fail to understand this you run the risk of them leaving your web site and not returning because you could not answer most of their concerns

To master this massive opportunity, you need to understand todays buyer, their new buying patterns, behaviour and how to apply the psychology of selling to today’s consumer.


Online Buyer Profile


customers gone“Where have all my customers gone?“ is the question I continually hear from Small Business Owners wherever I go.

Most business owners are lamenting about how their advertising that used to work is no longer working.

Your Buyers Buying Patterns And Behaviour Have Changed Forever!

Once upon a time your buyer would typically have to read newspapers, magazines, watch TV, Radio or pick up the Yellow Pages to search for your business and then go out shopping till they gathered enough information to make the buying decision and then go and buy your product

Well, not anymore, they can do all their research online (well most of it,) PLUS, in a lot of cases they can buy your product online – (thousands are and the trend is rapidly growing)


The Internet is the Greatest Media Marketing Opportunity
for the Business Owner who successfully
integrate it into their business

It is a low investment with massive returns

It is a revolution that is happening before our eyes and will change the way we do business forever

NEW WEALTH will be created, it has opened up Endless Opportunities for the Savvy Entrepreneurial Business Owner, millions will be made by many and many Business Owners will become multi-millionaires.

One more question.

Is Anybody Really Looking For Your Type Of Product Or Service Online

The answer is a simple and resounding YES!

1,000’s and 1,000’s of your buyers are searching for your products or services every day and this trend will continue to grow at an astonishing rate!

For example 87–97% of automotive shoppers research on-line before even stepping foot into a dealership.

The average online shopper spends up 7 hours researching online for a significant purchase.

Your goal is to maximise that time with you

Let’s Back This Up With Some Cold Hard Facts

One of the cool things about the internet is that the users leave a usage trail and online traffic can be accurately measured and obtained

Now I don’t want to bore you with a whole of facts – but I want to show you some startling results to help you understand why your buyers are no longer walking into your business and where they are shopping

Google (the big G) has a neat little tool called Keyword Planner and anyone can access it and get traffic search results on almost any topic

So let me show you some screen shots of traffic and explain how this tool work –it’s easy and you can do it yourself with some simple instructions

First let’s look at how many Australians are typing in the word google and

Google Adwords Australia

  1. Google and
  2. I chose Australia as the location
  3. I set this as closely related terms To refine the search results
  4. Look how many times these two terms were typed into google PER MONTH!

That means that on average every month 16.75 million times Australians type in the term Google – millions of Australians everyday are using Google as a search tool to get answers to their questions – it is a revolution happening right before our eyes

Now let’s look at some other terms, I deliberately chose a range of search terms to demonstrate that there are buyers for almost any topic you can think of

Keyword Planner


Go to the Services We Offer Page and I will show you how to get your online presence transformed and become a Selling site that causes shoppers become buyers predisposed to buying from you.