Business Coach and Trainer Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it as a Business Coach and Trainer, or Digital Sales and Marketing Strategist.

Listen to coaching testimonials from some of my clients.

Digital Marketing is easy with a good Coaching Program

Carl showed me how easy it is to utilize the internet—- I didn’t realize how much exposure I could get 24/7 — it’s been a wonderful experience — and I will continue to develop my business through Internet Secrets Made Easy”

-Jane Broadbent Henley Bed and Breakfast

Carl managed my Digital Marketing Installation

“He helped me build my online presence — it was really easy for me, I gave him all the information — he handled everything else— got the right people — the outcome has been amazing.”

-Erika Wager My Buddy Gard

Carl has made my business more successful

“I have been working with Carl for the last few months to make my business more successful and profitable —-he has helped me with things that I didn’t know to make the business more successful overall — from little ideas to the big picture.”

Name withheld for Confidential reasons

Carl Developed my Marketing Strategy and now coaches me

“He constructed my website and all the marketing that goes with it —he now coaches me on business, customer relations and daily life issues – he is very approachable and has good things to say that I can put into place.”

-Craig Andrew A grade Solar Solutions Australia

Carl has shown me how to optimize my online presence

“My website is my business —- he has shown me how to build a bigger business economically — the result has been learning the dynamics of my business and I am looking forward to a 100% increase in my business.”

-Liz Breit Herbal Teas Australia

I was Sceptical!

“I was sceptical because I knew people who had built websites and were very unhappy with the outcome — I didn’t understand the internet and website process — I had to look at my business and from the customers viewpoint — I was involved in the build and learnt the process on how to make it work — I call Carl my “facilitator” –he sourced all the right technical experts and made it happen — we are on page one of Google —
I am very pleased with the outcome — we have a great ongoing business relationship.”

-Liz Breit Herbal Teas Australia

We are on Page One of Google and our business has grown

When I first started to discuss a new website with Carl, I was sceptical because I knew a lot of people who have spent a lot of money on websites, were very unhappy with the result and usually, they couldn’t make changes or if they did need to, it would cost them a lot of money.

Also, I didn’t understand the internet and website process, so I was reluctant to step into the unknown.

However, I was prepared to make the investment if it gave me results that I could measure, that I could be involved in the process and learn how it all works and if I could make updates where necessary myself.

The process started with a booklet which meant I had to literally “autopsy”my business and I had to look at my business differently, particularly from a customer’s point of view.

I was involved in all aspects of the process as we built the website and I learnt the process which was important to make it work.

The result has been a website that I am very pleased at how it looks, how it works and one that I can operate.

With Carl, the process developed into a great business relationship that is based on trust and is supportive, I can call him with any questions or issues I have, and we continue to develop the website.

My experience with Carl has been vastly different to the disappointing experiences of many friends and business associates when they have employed someone to develop their website.

I call Carl my “facilitator” because he was the person who sourced the appropriate technical experts and made it all happen.

At the beginning I found it very daunting because I didn’t understand it.

However, the internet side of the business has grown substantially, and we are well placed on page one of Google!

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