Choosing the Right Domain Name

How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company1. Describes your business and location
For example, Bairnsdale Accountancy and Bairnsdale Batteries, they are good ones. The describe your business and location. You will be surprised how many of these are not taken already and once they are purchased by someone, they are no longer available while ever the annual fee is paid.

I’ve bought a couple of the Bairnsdale accountant domain names as an investment and I thought, why haven’t the local accountants already bought these?

So go ahead and search for your business type and locality

2. Up to 35 characters in length
Don’t go over the 35 characters because they won’t fit in the search string. That’s fairly long when you think about it.

3. .com, some experts claim, even for local businesses
How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company 2Now, some experts claim even for local businesses if you can’t get the dotcom, don’t buy the

I’m not that hard and fast on this, but some experts in the industry are quite adamant about that, but if both are available, grab both the .com and

4. Hint: Register your own name—personal branding

If you haven’t done it already, register your own name for personal branding.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company 3You may not need it now, but in the future you may

They’re like $7 I think a year and that’s not a whole lot of money

but register your own name if it’s not already taken. If it’s taken, like was, I registered and bought the dotcom as well.

Domains are like real estate, only one person can own it. I own about 80 to 100. I know some people own thousands of them because they’re just valuable real estate.

There are people buying and selling websites and buying them like you buy a rundown business and reconditioning and reselling again and making a fortune.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company 4Common Mistakes

1. Quirky, meaningless domain names

2. Don’t buy if you can’t get .com and the

3. Using business name as domain name unless it is something like Your Town Business Type
Really try and make sure that your domain name does identify what you do. And avoid your personal name as a business domain choice, unless what you are selling and branding is you

At one of the seminars we ran, Ann Waller from ‘Ann Waller Real Estate’ and the challenge that Ann has is that, Anne Waller Real Estate could be anywhere in the world, but ‘Paynesville Real Estate’ immediately describes her occupation and business location, plus, Ann has built the business around her and what happens when she sells her business? Yes you can build your identity, reputation and authority, but do it within the domain name.

Choosing the Right Web Template and Hosting Company

1. Choose a WordPress platform
How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company 5Choose a WordPress template they are simple to use and are the preferred choice for good SEO, easy to get good page ranking and the search engines love them

How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company 6 have a great range of custom tailored website templates

They’re constantly being updated and they’re constantly being tested to prevent hackers from breaking into them.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company 72. Choose only adaptive responsive platforms
An adaptive responsive platform will enable your website to work on everything from every browser and every device (e.g. mobile, iPads, tablets, the lot). It will adjust to fit any screen or web browser.

3. Easy to add—modify content

4. State of the art code and smart design architecture mean search engines clearly see your content

5. Absolutely stunning designs.

6. Easy to use with minimal skills
And the templates aren’t that expensive, you will most likely get what you want for approximately $50-$70.00

7. Hosting Services
How to Choose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Company is the hosting services company that we choose to use but it’s entirely up to you who you use.

The reason why we use these guys is that the major internet marketers around the world who are making billions of dollars on internet marketing and selling products online use HostGator.

It’s not very expensive, they have a shared baby plan that’s about $10USD per month.

They have a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%, meaning it is hardly ever offline and they have a very good web site back up service, meaning that your website is safely and regularly backed up.

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