Carl: Hi, I’m Carl Fechner from Auto Sales Online and Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is Monday Minute. We provide small business owners with turnkey solutions to capture, convert and close more prospects using multi-channel marketing systems to unlock the internet and dominate their niche in the marketplace. And this Monday Minute, I want to talk about yellow pages.
Now, this is a rural yellow pages and it does yellow pages work. Well, this one in here is a 2011-2012 edition as you can see. This one in here is the current edition that I just received. Now, when you look at it, you can see, even though they remain the same thickness, how much smaller it is.
Now, that tells you what’s taking place with yellow pages. Those yellow pages work not in its current format. If you want to put money into this, the only way that you can make yellow pages work is to have this in an interactive form. What I mean by an interactive form is to have it in there but put it as a call to action, have it point to your website, have it with an SMS or have it with a QR code or something that creates and makes it interactive where you can take it and have it as a call to action to your website so you can capture and make this.
If you don’t do that in the yellow pages, this is basically a waste of time and a waste of money. The shrinkage is showing you what’s happening with it. This is Monday Minute from Carl Fechner from Internet Secrets Made Easy.