Carl: Hi, I’m Carl Fechner from Auto Sales Online and Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is Monday Minute. We provide business owners with turnkey solutions to capture, convert and close more prospects using multi-channel marketing systems to unlock the power of the internet and dominate the niche in the marketplace.
And today I want to talk about the importance of testimonies and particularly video testimonies. Video testimonies from the start, you capture all the sensors, you capture the imagery, you’re capturing the sound, you’re capturing a whole lot. In fact now, to prove it, the internet videos are the most watched component of it.
The other thing is with video testimonies particularly with the motor trade, Neilsen’s rating states that trust factor is only about 3%. So, it doesn’t matter what you the dealer say, the customer is not going to believe you. But when you start to introduce the third party testimony and the video testimonies of customers, that becomes a very powerful tool. If you want to increase your sales and increase your closing ratio, I can’t emphasize enough, start doing video testimonies or testimonies from every customer that takes delivery of a vehicle from you.
This is Carl Fechner from Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is another Monday Minute.