Carl: Hi, I’m Carl Fechner from Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is Monday Minute. We provide and support small business owners with turnkey solutions to capture, convert and close more prospect using multi-channel marketing systems to unlock the power of the internet and dominate their niche in the marketplace.
I’m standing here in front of Bairnsdale Electrics. Bairnsdale is about three and a half hours east of Melbourne and this is behind me, you could see it’s a very insignificant looking business but they have captured how to dominate the internet. They import heaps of stuff out of China and use eBay as a marketing tool to market, as a marketing channel to market.
And to my knowledge, they sell information or they sell products all over Australia and I’m going to take you around the back of this place and just show you what the size of it is in their warehousing, et cetera. Come with me and we’ll go there.
Okay, now I’m standing at the back of Bairnsdale Electrics and you can see it’s very different operation out here and this is all brand new in what they’re doing. So, if we just pan the camera up, you can see over here the investment they’ve put in, the huge cost of the factory — or not the factory but the warehouse and the storage area. You can see the huge area out here, the concrete, all of the area that they’ve done, and then if you come back and look behind me, you can see that it actually goes right past me around the corner. There are three multi doors there, you can see where it links back to the old building back up there. So, it’s a massive complex the investment they’ve done here, iff these guys aren’t serious players and seriously profitable in what they’re doing, they wouldn’t be doing this.
And if you pan it over across here to where I’m standing beside in and just pan it down to the side of this, you will see a whole row of shipping containers. They use them in the initial stage, it’s massive. Can you imagine how much stuff is amongst them? And then just coming back around here again, if I just come back around here again, what’s taking place is there’s an open courtyard here but there’s the same length of shipping containers again down the side.
So, this is a serious operation that is here and the incredible part is we’re a rural city town three and a half hours out of Melbourne, down in

[inaudible 00:02:41], down in the bottom of Victoria and here’s what these guys are doing and from what I understand, they are importing from China and exporting all over Australia out of this place. This is how powerful the internet can be if you harness it properly.
This is Carl Fechner from Internet Secrets Made Easy. This is another Monday Minute.