Carl: Hi, I’m Carl Fechner from Auto Sales Online and Internet Secrets Made Easy and this is Monday Minute. We provide business owners with turnkey solutions to capture, convert and close more prospects using multi-channel marketing systems to unlock the internet and dominate their niche in the marketplace.
Today, I want to talk about newspaper advertising. This particular ad on the back paper of this regional newspaper is actually this dealership. And the ad itself is a very clean ad. What most dealers are failing to recognize, this is a very expensive way of advertising but there is a very simple way that this can be changed and mix and combine the online or the offline with the online.
To make this really work, what happens is these ads which are quite clean ads, they need to have either an SMX on it or what’s termed as a QR code so that the customer can actually text in or do an SMS or scan the QR code and that will be taken to the dealer’s website, an information on the particular car, all the photos, all of the other information. And if the dealer or user-dealer do it really effectively, what you will do is capture their name and email address and mobile number at the same time so that you can start to work that customer.
This is Monday Minute from Carl Fechner of Internet Secrets Made Easy. I hope that helps you.