How to Build an Online Business

What most people do when they’re thinking building an online business is they’re just thinking a website.

build online presenceYou can’t just think website anymore, it’s more than that. But the website is where you actually start your business and I’m going to show you how to build a website and a complete online presence.

This is one of our clients and you can see there some of the facets that he’s got or we’ve posted his business on, and I’m going to talk about the depth of his online presence later.

Your Website is a Virtual Bricks and Mortar Business

Your minimum online presence is this, you got to have a website, that’s central to your online business of and I’m going to start drawing things out on the whiteboard because we want to build a visual story here today.

If you’re in a bricks and mortar business with a physical building, et cetera, you’ve got a building that your customers can see.

Imagine that your website is your virtual “bricks and mortar business. The way to understand this is that the website is the “physical” part of your online business, your customer can “see” the building, the display, the whole lot. You’ve got to recreate this sort of imagery online.

So, I really want you to the website as the virtual business replica of your physical business

Social Media is the old Traditional Advertising Channels

Facebook Business Page

build online presence facebook pageThe next thing you need is Facebook Business Page and that becomes a communication channel to your audience and potential buyers.

YouTube Channel

build online presence youtube channelA YouTube channel is a really important communication channel, I love YouTube, I love what you can do with video and it’s just amazing. I can video my one-day workshops and I am leveraging my time by just videoing the workshop, posting them up on my YouTube Channel and start to broadcast this message to a worldwide audience.

Become a Voice of Authority

Also with a YouTube Channel, you can become known as the voice and industry authority and one of our goals is to help our clients be recognized as an expert in their industry

You’re already an expert in your industry, you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in whatever your industry is, you’re an expert and people are looking for solutions to their problems, you have the answers and a YouTube Channel is a great way to communicate your knowledge and expertise

Google Local Business

build online presence google localYour next communication channel is Google Local Business and it’s amazing how many businesses don’t have a Google Local Business listing and we’ll go into depth in that later but you need to be in Google local business.

If you’ve got an ABN number, you will have been assigned a Google Local Business page. Google has already created one for you.

It’s already sitting there for you to locate it and say, “Yup, that’s me,” then go ahead and fill out the details and put in a request to Google and they will send you verification by mail or phone and then it becomes yours to add or edit stuff to the page

Google Local Business is so important for small businesses, cafés, restaurants, all the small business owners that think they don’t an online presence and that they sure do and this is one of the ways to be online and visible very cheaply.

This is a very powerful tool, Google Local Business, for your branding, authority, front page ranking etc. I can’t stress that enough and we’ll cover this in more detail later.


build online presence google plusGoogle+ is another one. Google keeps changing what they’re doing but Google Local, Google+ – it’s a bit like your own Facebook page. In fact, it’s probably Google’s equivalent to Facebook.

Local Listing Directories

build online presence local listingLocal listing directories are feeders to your website and we set these up for our business clients


build online presence linkedinA LinkedIn Business profile gives you authority, increases your branding and your prestige and great for B2B.

Opportunity is knocking on your door

The internet is the greatest media marketing opportunity in history and it will transform the way we all do business positively or negatively and every business owner can choose the outcome

I like to relate the internet opportunity to the two shoe salesman that went to Hawaii on the first sailing ship.

They were below deck in their hammocks and when they heard the anchor drop in the Hawaii harbor, the first guy got out of his hammock and walked up to the top and saw all these Hawaiians approaching the ship and not one person was wearing shoes and he mutters to himself, “What a waste of time this is! Nobody is wearing shoes, what a waste of time, fancy sending me here to this place.” And walks off in disgust.

The shoe salesman walked up and he saw all these people approaching the ship not wearing any shoes and he is excitedly saying to himself, “wow, what an opportunity, nobody is wearing shoes, wow this is a one in a lifetime opportunity!”

And that’s really the essence of how you’ve got to look at the internet, If you just shift your attitude on how you do it, I guarantee you light bulbs moments will come on you’re going to get lots of takeaway information, just relax and if you want to take that’s fine there will be plenty of aha moments, and I have broken it up into 25 takeaway ideas for you.


build online presence blogsThe next one is a blog, Blogging will build your brand, client relationship and authority.

Every one of you has got a stack of knowledge and expertise inside you that the world wants to know about.

The biggest problem most of you have is mindsets, what’s between your ears. That’s the biggest challenge you may have. A little voice in your head is most likely saying, “Nobody wants to listen to me!”

Well, every one of you has got the answers to buyer’s problems so you’ve got to provide the solutions, you’ve got to be able to show people that you have the answers.

Your Online Marketing Campaign

build online presence marketing campaignSo you’re ready to build an online marketing campaign.
The first thing that people do is, “Yay, let’s build our marketing campaign and get all this traffic,” But Internet Marketing can be an expensive master and there’s lots of traps for the novice and I have just about stepped on every one of the traps that you could possibly do with online marketing and I would like to help you avoid a whole lot of pain before you do the same.

Like many businesses, you may have paid a professional web design firm to build a website and you only pay for what you get.

The Mind Shift

You’ve got to have a shift in your mindset in the sense that the website is like building a “bricks and mortar business, you have to advertise it, so you’ve got to look at the internet as more than just a website. You’ve got to build your image and your “virtual” premises and then you’ve got to advertise it in other online mediums such as the ones we have previously discussed

build online presence mind shiftMost Business Owners have not shifted in their thinking.

Most Business Owners are thinking, “Well, we’ll just do what we do with the newspaper, we’ll just put an ad in there and then they’re going to call us and we will sell them our stuff!”

Wrong! this now happens online. It has to all happen online, the whole lot has to happen online and I will explain how in more detail later.

And this is the mistake that people do, they just get a basic website and then;

  • struggle to get any return on their investment, we see that all the time.
  • Your site ranks poorly on the search engines.
  • You struggle to track more than a few unqualified visitors each month.
  • You paid SEO company hundreds of dollars with little return

and another thing about SEO, this is such a gray area, there’s so many black hat techniques, which means some of them just go against Google’s policies, et cetera, so this is where you can get burnt and then the other challenge with this area is Google keeps changing their policies and stuff so it’s hard to keep up with good SEO strategies

And then everyday I’m sure you’re getting hundreds of emails from companies promising you the world and then giving you an atlas.

Or, you have found yourself at a loss of where to begin and trying to get a slice of the action.

Sell Fests

build online presence sell festsWhen I began studying digital marketing and started going to seminars to learn everything I could, most seminars were not much than sell fests.

Many of the speakers are promising, “Here, buy this Business Coaching on Facebook and it’s $2,000 and here buy this one on something else and it’s $4,000.00.”

There was one event I went to where it was free to go to but every speaker over a four-day period was selling “How to—-Stuff “and I saw one attendee walking out with at least $8 to $10,000 worth of Business Coaching courses.

Now, if you’re doing 60 to 80 hours a week in your business, how are you going to find the time to do the training to learn how to do this back end stuff? Because it’s massive and it is constantly changing at a rapid rate.

build online presence fragmented industryIt’s a Fragmented Industry

What I discovered is that it is a fragmented industry, here’s your Facebook Business Coaching and here’s your YouTube Business Coaching and here is How to build a website and this company over here does SEO, (search engine optimization) to put you on the front page if you don’t know the term

But you couldn’t go to one place to get the whole lot done. So, that’s why we created a complete digital marketing agency to do the whole lot because the industry is so fragmented.

And we train our people to do the stuff so you the customer can have a complete marketing agency package where we just do the whole lot for you.

You supply us all the material and then we just do the rest for you.

A Wish List

That is the ideal world and not every business can afford that service, so we can break it down now into steps for you.

If you had a wish list and you could wave a magic wand over it, what would it be?

  • I wish someone would just come and do this part for me
  • or that part of my online presence,
  • what would it be?

At the end of this workshop I’m going to give you a wish list to fill out and then sometime next week, we’ll make a time to get together and see if we can tailor a package for you.

On the understanding that I won’t work with you if I can’t see you getting a return on the investment, because you’re in business to make money.

I’ve seen with Yellow Pages what that did to some businesses where they were paying $18,000 for an ad and they really couldn’t afford and all their profit was going into Yellow Pages

build online presence wishlistsThat’s not my scene. My goal is to help you make money and grow your business. So, if I look at your business and I don’t think one of our services can help you get a return on your investment with us, I’m not going to take you on as a client.

I want to work with you and help you to make money with your digital marketing and without the right advice most business owners are losing thousands

build online presence mobile devicesA high conversion online marketing strategy must be:

  • impressive and convincing
  • you can play with the big boys
  • you can do it better, be more agile
  • and more profitable without all the headaches
  • stand out from the crowd
  • your message has to match the market; it has to match what the market wants
  • show that you’re an authority on your product and services
  • build buyer confidence with proof, testimonies and reviews
  • build online presence success you must create hope for gain,
  • eliminate fear for loss,
  • be the preferred buyer choice,
  • talking first person to your readers
  • talk in a language that a 12-14-year-old understands
  • WIIFM – What’s in It for Me, benefits driven
  • Understand the buying psychology of our customer
  • Fears, wants, needs

We all go through this process when we’re buying something even if we don’t realize it. This is a succinct way of looking at it.

It’s like taking them on The Road To A Sale, going on the journey with them to a tipping point, where they say to themselves, “Yup, that’s me, I’m convinced, I’m done, how do I find these people? Yup, they’re the guys I want to buy from, I hope I can buy it off them, I hope I can — whatever, I hope, I hope, I hope whatever, whatever it is,” and they contact you.

This is really important to understand and this is not just in your online stuff, this is relevant to all your marketing

But this is the psychology of what you need to do because today is not just about building a website or an online presence, it’s understanding the psychology of your customer.

If you really want to make the internet work for you have to understand these principles and this is the principles that I want to teach you.

In the next Video I am going to teach you How to Eliminate Fear of Loss and Create Hope For Gain in your Online Marketing Strategy

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