The world of marketing has grown leaps and bounds and come a long way. Today, every business, without a thought, is going digital. Digital marketing includes any promotion or advertising done via digital media channels including the internet and mobile services. It is highly cost-effective considering the wide reach and precise targeting options it offers.

Businesses that opt for traditional marketing mediums such as print advertising and direct mailing also complement them with digital channels such as email marketing and banner advertising.

Every organization needs to create visibility for itself in the digital world by creating a website for itself, getting placed in online directories, Search Engine Optimize their content and with an active presence in social media.

How can mediums be distinguished?

Digital marketing agencies offer two different mediums for targeting the customers.

Pull method of marketing:

In this method, the targeted customers can be reached by search engines by adding content on the site. SEO plays a major role in this type of marketing.

Push method of marketing:

In this method the targeted customers can be reached via push messages with the help of SMS,MMS, Email, RSS etc.

Why focus on digital media?

Many of the digital mediums are of low-cost and it makes business owners and consumers to rely on it. When a customer needs a service he won’t take a phone book to search for that place. Instead, he will now use a mobile or his system to get that service reach his door steps. The role of digital marketing agencies is to create a brand image for businesses with (online brand reputation) positive reviews and better visibility in search engines. Having a website, ranking the keywords in search engines, engaging with customers through SMS and email marketing will cost very lesser when compared with the traditional marketing mediums like direct mail, direct marketing, print ads etc.

Which is the most beneficial digital marketing medium which works for all businesses?

According to the four most effective digital marketing channels which drives customers to website are

  • SEO - 54% of customers get into site Via SEO.
  • Email Marketing - 51% of customers get into site Via Emails.
  • Social media channels - 32% of customers get into site Via Social media.
  • Search Engine Marketing - 18% of customers get into site Via SEM.

The four most effective digital marketing channels which drives potential leads are

  • Email Marketing - 40% of qualified leads to a businesses
  • SEO - 36% of qualified leads to a businesses
  • Social media channels - 18% of qualified leads to a businesses
  • SEM - 18% of qualified leads to a businesses

Benefits of using Digital Marketing for business:

  • Can be found by targeted Customers on top search engines.
  • Can easily connect with millions of internet users.
  • Manual efforts gets reduced and offers higher conversion rate.
  • Campaign performance can be measured.
  • ROI can be tracked.
  • Easy to implement changes and it takes less time.
  • Can communicate with millions of users on a very short duration with multiple mediums.
  • Look and feel of your business changes dramatically.

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